Monday, January 7, 2013

And Thus Circle Scattered Like Fallen Leaves in Autumn Wind

Couple of days ago I played my actual first game of Warmachine in 2013.

Choice was quite straightforward which warcaster/warlock I would play, since Kaya is the newest kid on the block for me.

My list was (50 points for a change):

Kaya the Wildborne
- Warpwolf Stalker
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Gorax
- Argus
- Scarsfell Griffon

Tharn Bloodweavers
Minimum unit of Ravagers + Chieftain
Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Blackclad Wayfarer
Druid Wilder
Lord of the Fail

And opponent had:

- Discordia
- Hyperion

Maximum unit of Houseguard Halberdiers (AKA bog trog ambushers lead by a lone wolf of orboros...)
Mage Hunter Strikeforce + Commander
Epic Eiryss
2x Mage Hunter Assassins (one of them being a mannikin.)
Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker

We played The Gauntlet scenario from Steamroller 2012 rules set.

Circle started the game, and Kaya had cast Occultation on Ravagers. Ossyan had Chronomancer on, and Quicken on Houseguard Halberdiers.

First picture here is taken from the end of Circle's second round, where lots of things went wrong.

First Lord of the Feast wanted to go and throw his raven against Discordia. Well, turned out it distance was about one centimetre for the raven to fly. What a useless bird.

Next, since opponent didn't have any Arcanists around, I decided to try to charge Hyperion with Brutal Charging Ravagers. Blackclad Wayfarer advanced and cast Hunter's Mark upon the colossal.

Only two ravagers got to make their attacks against it, third one was missing only a few millimetres (which was thankfully easy to measure up, all because of those nifty little melee range templates.)

Ravagers that were obviously out of range tried to charge closest halberdiers, but since Hunter's Mark was not affecting them, their charges fell short.

Because of so much failures Kaya dropped Occultation from them and cast it upon herself. Arm 13 with unengaged Mage Hunter Strike Force around who can get +2 to their already high speed scared me enough. Even a lucky random pot shot could deal respectable damage to my warlock.

Opponents next turn had a heavy toll on my forces. Ossyan used his feat though, giving an additional die on ranged damage rolls to friendly models in his control range. All in all I guess it could have been a lot worse, but here's what happened:

Hyperion rolls full 3 attacks with both thresher cannons. They kill all but tharn ravager chieftain, who was in melee with halberdiers. Big cannon misses Blackclad Wayfarer though, so that was a small blessing.

But then halberdiers charge around, mostly against Blackclad Wayfarer and Lord of the Feast and the aforementioned ravager chieftain. I tried to be clever and counter-slam one of the halberdiers who charged wayfarer, but that trick nearly cost me the beast. The attack roll missed, and goat was now a prime target for Mage Hunter Assassin (the woody version) who was hiding in ruined tower.

And it didn't even save Wayfarer.

Discordia then activates, and eventhough it had to move a bit silly to get in range of Ossyan's feat, it did more than enough. It did a staggering damage roll against Gnarlhorn Satyr and killed off precious feralgeist. Spray also aligned just nicely not to take any houseguards with it.

Then the mage hunter assassin (the woody version) charges the beast, but does a not-very-staggering damage roll, and scores only one point in, which is doubled to two. If there had been only two pips more on the damage roll that was something like 2,2,3,3, it would have died.

Then, lucky me, mage hunter strike force didn't do very much. They only killed one bloodweaver and took about one half of damage boxes from Scarsfell Griffon and Gorax, with about 33% of the unit not being able to take any meaningful shots. Lucky me.

On my turn, Kaya decides its time to use her feat.

But first, Druid Wilder casts Lightning Strike on Warpwolf Stalker, who warps for berserk and kills a huge swathe of halberdiers, not even getting maxed on fury. Five halberdiers + mage hunter assassin.

I guess this was the moment where I found some wolf-love for Stalker when paired up with Kaya1. Pack Hunters really makes those berserk chains hit home.

And then, having cleared whole melee range, it sprinted back to relative, or at least illusioned, safety.

Kaya is the next to activate, and she casts Primal on Gnarlhorn Satyr and heals up its Mind branch, that had burned in magical fire of Discordia's gun. That's how it goes. Get scorched in magical fire, become mindless.

Then Kaya charges a few halberdiers, and missing most of her attacks, she just manages to nail those elves with her sharp, pointy stick. Actually it's not even sharp. She casts Spirit Door and teleports behind Warpwolf Stalker.

Argus goes next and chews two halberdiers that killed Lord of the Feast.

Gnarlhorn Satyr goes last and tries to beat up Discordia. I don't want to ever remember those rolls again, it even pains me to write of Gnarlhorn's performance upon Discordia. I mean... it had Primal on. That meant MAT 10 beast, with P+S 17 horns attacks and 2x P+S 16 claw attacks, and after charge, three Fury for extra attacks.

Field Generator and one of the hands was all that ever broke. Charge attack had this beautiful 1,2,3 roll, and one of the attacks was even miss. You can figure out the attack roll, if Satyr was MAT 10 and Discordia was DEF 12.

It did something like this against the very same players Ravagore when he was playing Legion of Everblight, and I was playing Kaya.

Maybe its angry because I call it a goat.

Well, then Bloodweavers and Scarsfell Griffon fool around. Net result: dead mage hunter assassin and about two strike force members.

And then... it's opponents turn.

And really, there is no skipped turn in pictures. That one is really the situation in the end of opponents next turn.

First: Discordia dispatches Gnarlhorn Satyr.

Ossyan himself shoots Gorax dead. The template on the ground is the chronophage thingy. Now when I'm checking it I see it goes away if the model who has it dies, so we played that one wrong, but I doubt it would have mattered too much. I would probably had Argus alive.

Ossyan had Chronomancer going on, and Hyperion rolled maximum number of attacks for both thresher cannons again. Starburst Cannon and two thresher cannon attacks killed off the Stalker, and if memory serves, it rolled g-g-godlike hit rolls anyway, and could use the focus for boosting damage.

Right-sided thresher cannon, in some miraculous ways, kills Argus. Had there been no chronophage template, those other three shots would have probably went to Stalker anyway, so I cannot blame this loss on that.


What's the thing you do when everything has been lost? Okay okay, I know, you go to a dark, dark corner and cry rivers of blood, but I still wanted some damage in to the Hyperion.

Also, Scarsfell Griffon was able to get to Ossyan. With MAT 8 and three attacks, I could make an assassination, right?


Charge attack missed. Though the two other attacks hit and dealt a little damage (maybe a total of 6 or 7), it really was a futile attempt. Shouldn't have called the Griffon a bird during game, really. Now it's angry too, just like my Gnarlhorn Satyr.

Kaya charges Hyperion, and spends all of her fury on attacks against it, except one. On hindsight I should've used that one too, because there was no use for it, because Griffon was maxed out on Fury.

Then it's opponents turn. Last turn, may I say.

Discordia and halberdier officer deal some damage to Kaya so that she's down to 7 boxes.

And lo! Defiantly Kaya is holding up her magical stick against the fists of a colossal. Bad choice Kaya, bad choice. Next time try "Duck and Cover" when you're against a colossal in melee.

One attack hit, and there was no actual need for opponent to roll for damage, she died to the base P+S already.

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