Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two games of Talisman

I'm having quite a streak of Talisman at the moment. I'm visiting friends at Salo, and I had Talisman with me.

On Friday we played two games, and I try to remember something from them.

First game was played with all the sideboards and quest rewards but with no other expansions, since we had a player who had never played Talisman and another who had some aeons since last game of Talisman.

Characters drawn were Warlock, Valkyrie and Dwarf.

Too bad I no longer remember too many nice little details, except that the Dwarf had a severe case of identity problems. His alignment was changing all the time, and most funny change of heart happened when he was visiting the Chapel and he was good at the moment. However, the Warlock cast temporary change on the Dwarf, making him evil. He wasn't all that welcomed at the chapel then any more.

Ultimately the Warlock won the game. If I remember right Valkyrie was already running up there in the Inner Region and Dwarf could have come there too any time had he had a Talisman. Warlock teleported to Valley of Fire with Arnkell (a treasure from Eagle King), and once he was at the Crown of Command he rolled only 6's to the Command Spell.


Game 2:

Then we played a second game.

This time we took a random ending and the Grim Reaper expansions in addition to earlier stuff.

Characters drawn were Highlander, Ghoul and Merchant.

Highlander played a very patriotic game, since he spent way more than half of his turns in the Highlands boards. Somehow he just got stuck there.

Ghoul, on the other hand, played a game that challenged all the clich├ęs in fantasy stories. Ghoul started as a horrible undead creature that sucked the life essence of other characters. However, Grim Reaper visited Ghoul soon enough, and it was killed and reincarnated as an evil Wizard.

Usually the story progress is so that the living wizard turn into an undead monstrosity. But not this time around.

Now, Wizard got a talisman quite soon. Other equipment he had was armor, and two axes. Merchant happened to stumble upon him, so after merchants visit Wizard had two armors and two axes. And Merchant had talisman.

So, Merchant had had rather nice additions to strenght and craft, so he went to seek out what was waiting there at Crown of Command. Highlander was coming close behind.

Turned out there was the Ice Queen, who proved just a little too tough for Merchant to handle.

And once Highlander got there, the Queen was just a little too tough for him without a charge attack. So Highlander had to charge, miss a turn, charge, miss a turn ad infinitum.

Despite his slow progress, though, no other characters got to the Crown fast enough, and so Highlander won the epic fight against Ice Queen and was declared the ruler of everything and all.

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