Saturday, April 21, 2012

Need to get used to weeping

I played a 50 point warmachine game today.

I was playing with Scaverous and my list had:

- Nightwretch
Warwitch Siren

And opponent had:

Witch Coven of Garlghast
- 2x Nightwretches
Warwitch Siren

I won starting roll and first picture is taken from the end of opponents first round. Picture quality leaves much to be hoped for, but enemy is there far away and my troops are closer to camera.

Coven pretty much advanced as far as possible and used their feat. And it was a good choice, really, as it limited my options quite a bit.

But I did try something, warwitch siren power boosted a nightwretch of mine and it ran close to Bane Lord Tartarus. Scaverous casts Feast of Worms on a nearby bile thrall who was sitting in a forest. Needs 5 to hit. Double 2's. Feast deviates so Bane Lord Tartarus is just out of Area of Effect.

I had planned that once Tartarus had -2 arm I would've cast Excarnate on him. Probably wouldn't have killed him, but well, didn't need to worry about it no longer. I opted to cast Telekinesis on Tartarus instead and turned it facing it's old mates in the woods, the Bane Knights.

Then it was opponents turn.

Warwitch Siren power boosted an opposing Nightwretch and Skarlock cast Infernal Machine on it. Then it ran within 10" of Scaverous. And then first Stygian Abyss without a hit boost scores a critical hit, giving -3 def and inability to move for Scaverous.

And not a single damage roll after that scored less than 14 with 3 dice.

I don't know.

When I play with Scaverous, even the damage rolls I receive aren't average.

That warcaster must be cursed, I say, cursed!

Of course it was a bit foolish of me to throw focus around like that, especially after my initial plans failed. But funny thing was - if I had camped up those 3 focus the Telekinesis cost Scaverous, he still would have lost on a roll of 4+. We counted up the damage, and given +3 armor on all Stygian Abysses Scaverous would have left alive with 2 hit boxes left with the last damage roll of 6, 6, 2. Now, the 4+ this time comes from the fact that Coven hadn't used Tremulus' Puppet Master re-roll.


  1. You are one unlucky player :)

    Interestingly I had the exact same experience with Scaverous. Slag Troll walks up and shoots twice, killing him with 35 (4d6+12) and 33 (4d6+12) damage. It seems he always dies even when rolling ARM 24+ because he can't Sac Pawn like Terminus.

  2. Well, after this I started thinking that whenever I face Coven again, it's arm 21+ for warcaster until arc nodes are disabled. Just in case.

    Though maybe I should do arm 24+ as the guideline with Scaverous :P