Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ultimate Downfall

Today I played a game of Warmachine.

And, umm. I played with Scaverous. And it's starting to look like whenever I say "I played with Scaverous" it can be auto-corrected to "I lost". Yeah, now, well I spoiled the result of the match now.

Anyway, we played a 35 point game with scenario "Killbox" from Steamroller 2011.

My list was:

- 2x Nightwretch

Maximum unit of Bane Thralls + Unit Attachment
Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

And opponent had:

Epic Thagrosh
- Typhon
- Carnivean
- Scythean
- 2x Shredders
2x Nyss Shepherds

Opponent won the starting roll and first picture is taken from the end of my first turn. You can't see too much behind the tower, but there I have the Combine, Scaverous himself, one nightwretch and Wrong Eye & Snapjaw.

Funny thing, really.

You'd think I'd forgotten to take a picture for one full round when you take a look at opponents next turn.

I had left Scaverous sitting with only one focus and Death Ward on, so he was at arm 20.

Opponent decided to make a ballsy move and ran all of his beasts forward and Epic Thagrosh cast Manifest Destiny and used his feat.

Scythean and Carnivean bit Scaverous down to 6 health and Typhon, well, Typhon pretty much failed there, but still it was a heavy warbeast in middle of my lines.

Now, I wasn't exactly worried yet. If I managed to chew through all three heavy warbeasts, I would almost be guaranteed a victory. But your warcaster at 6 health is always a bit of a risk... anyway.

For starters Snapjaw proceeded to beat up Typhon, and did rather nice damage. But after that came the grand stars of that particular fight - the scrap thralls. Both of them charged at Typhon and both managed to hit. Now, it was a bit sad that their death burst attack has been errata'ed to not being boosted even with a charge attack. But anyway, two POW 16 attacks dispatched the 12 point character beast. Good job for a couple of 0,33 point models.

But, another funny thing here - the pow 8 blasts did one point damage to Snapjaw and five points to Nightwretch.

Then Tartarus cursed Scythean and moved away a bit. Three Bane Thralls got a charge off at Scythean and could have killed the beast, but one of them managed to miss the beast with double 1's. Additionally they killed one of the Shredders.

Now Wrong Eye goes to show some Voodoo Doll to the Carnivean. With boosted attack roll the Carnivean lost his Mind. Now, thinking back, maybe I should have knocked off its Body instead, because Manifest Destiny gives even a MAT 6 beast a fair chance to hit def 14 model.

Then Scaverous decided to activate and use his feat. He used Thresher and killed what was left of Scythean (but didn't gain a soul... grumble...) Then he missed the attack against def 11 Carnivean. That's how far MAT 6 goes.

Anyway, then Scaverous cast Telekinesis on Carnivean and placed it so the two Withershadow members could charge its back arc. Also, really wanting to kill it, Scaverous cast Feast of Worms upon it. Nightwretch shot and two Withershadow Combine member charges later Carnivean was still left with 2 boxes in Spirit and one in Body.

Somehow this sounds all too familiar...

Now, a Carnivean with three boxes left isn't probably going to survive a free strike from Maelovus while being under Feast of Worms. That's why opponent ran one of shepherds to align a perfect spray from Thagrosh, then moved Thagrosh forward and did his thing.

He actually rolled a critical hit against Maelovus, meaning that he actually froze before being burned alive. Go figure.

Now, Thagrosh cast Manifest Destiny and mindless Carnivean went and tried to bite some Scaverous. Thanks to Manifest Destiny Carnivean scores a hit, and you can see the boosted damage roll in the picture. Very much ouch indeed.

Now, we talked a bit about the game then, and started listing casualties just for giggles.

What was curious that despite me killing 23 points worth of models and opponent killing two warrior models and my warcaster, we killed equal amount of models from opposing army (yeah, I remembered that Thagrosh actually killed the Shepherd by himself only after editing the picture, so she stands in the wrong place...)

Now, what was a bit hilarious was that two of my own models just blew up and one bane thrall died in a thresher attack by Scaverous.

There must be some mystic meaning in this three sets of three, but I'll leave that to someone more familiar with Kabbalah.

Anyway, good game and maybe some day I'll witness the elusive thing called "victory" when I play Scaverous.


  1. Buy Croe's Cutthroats. Place Croe's Cutthroats on table. Bring tissues for opponent. Well, as long as you're not doing timed turns :)

    1. Croe's Cutthroats are really only great against Hordes, though. Poison is just kinda "meh" unless there are heavy infantry or warbeasts on the table. This is why Legion Raptors are rarely seen and the cutthroats suffer in the same way.

  2. I have a friend who plays Scaverous with a full unit of the black ogrun boarding party, bile thralls, and some bane knights and seems to do rather well with it.

  3. Yup, I think my success with Scaverous might be explainable by the severe lack of bile thralls, but I don't want to include them in friendly games at least... The excarnate + telekinesis purge feels just so wrong.

    But I've been longing to get my filthy hands on some Black Ogrun. Maybe them with Reaper or something.