Thursday, March 1, 2012

Naked Tree

Huh, last two write-ups coming up from my visit in Oulu. They're both Warmachine games that were played on Tuesday. Because some time has passed already I'm not sure how much detail I'll be able to give in, but let's try.

I had brought my Circle of Orboros forces with me, and first game I played was with Cassius.

I was playing against Ashlynn under Highborn Covenant.

Now, I hope I will remember next time that if I'm going to play with a warlock that has some special requirements, I construct the lists early and not in a hurry.

Because this was my 25 point Cassius list:

Wurmwood & Cassius
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Woldwatcher

Minimum unit of Tharn Ravagers + Chieftain
Lanyssa Ryssyll
White Mane

Notice what's missing? Yeah, anything that can trigger prowl for Wurmwood. Nice work.

He was playing:

- Vanguard

Minimum Nyss Hunters
Gun Mages + Officer
- Marshalled Mariner
Dirty Meg

So, we were playing 2011 Steamroller scenarios. This one was Outflank, outfight, outlast (maybe in that order?), or the one where there are two 12" diameter circles in center of the board and controlling one yields you one victory point. With three points you win.

Opponent won the starting roll but chose to go second. Probably because of scenario.

I'm not entirely sure what turn is going on in the first picture, but to me it looks like it's the end of opponents second turn.

A couple of Combined Ranged Attacks and marshalled shots from Mariner had already killed three of my Tharn Ravagers. But opponent was pretty much leaving the leftern control point for me. I didn't actually remember that I could easily score at the end of opponents second turn (though maybe that would have put the Nyss on the move). Anyway.

On my turn I promptly positioned Lanyssa so she would start scoring and charged with Ravagers to Nyss. One dead Nyss, but plenty of them engaged.

Also Tharn Ravager White Mane made a suicidal charge against Vanguard to engage it in melee.

Cassius drew the three ravager souls from Wurmwood and taught Ashlynn a lesson about boosted, autohitting pow 12 in form of a Hellmouth. Ten damage points in.

So I scored one point and the second zone was contested by both armies.

Then it was opponents turn and I learned a thing or two about Roulette.

I had ran my Bloodweavers to engage the Arcane Tempest Gun Mages.

But since Ashlynn used feat, I didn't kill a single one of them to free strikes, though I rolled about 4-5 of them. And then my precious bloodweavers were shot to pieces. That pretty much hurt.

The nyss charged Ravagers and killed the chieftain and left the unit leader standing. And that was because they missed.

White Mane was made into a paste by Vanguard that was just within control zone.

But really. Then I scored my second point and opponent scored his first.

Come my turn, I scored my third point and opponent scored his second.

A scenario victory for Cassius. I'm not sure that I could have pulled off a caster kill there, but I guess I would have positioned Bloodweavers differently (closer to Wurmwood for souls) anyway if it would have been a straight caster-kill scenario from the start.

Anyway, it was refreshing to play against Ashlynn, because it's been ages since I faced her (or any mercenary force to be honest...)

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