Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slithering Slither Thing (Arkham Horror)

Last night we also played Arkham Horror with Dunwich Horror extra board. We had three players this time.

It was my second game of Arkham Horror ever, and it went pretty fine actually.

We were against Abhoth, that was some kind of ancient protean monster thingy that didn't care for cultists.

Characters drawn were Bob Jenkins, Ursula Downs and Roland Banks.

It's a shame I can no longer remember the characterful little happenings in the game, but it was full of special little stories.

I'm quite proud of my own achievements within the game. Bob Jenkins (my character) managed to kill at least five monsters and seal two gates. Magical sword and holy water helped there, though. Well, once Abhoth was awaken Bob was devoured in the second round of fight, but... before that he was a hero! Also, I find that the mental illness he got was quite fitting for his character. He got "hysteria".

Roland Banks somehow became the occultist in the group. Ursula was a kind of physical fighter for a long time and got to seal two gates too. I think Roland sealed one. Damn, it was really close there to win by sealing enough gates!

But Dunwich Horror had been awaken and children of Abhoth were roaming freely in Arkham. There was just not enough time to seal the sixth gate - Abhoth was awaken from its slumber and, uh. I think players managed to remove two doom things from the doom track in the final fight from the grand total of 11 doom things.

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