Thursday, March 1, 2012

"I do not lament my loss, dear High Exemplar, but I lament hearing your Lamentation"

Next I was against an old foe. High Exemplar Kreoss.

But since it was a completely new player in a completely different city in a completely different board, the game felt somewhat new. Heh.

I played Mohsar. We agreed on 35 point game and scenario was randomised to be... uh, well, I don't really remember the name of scenario, but it was the one where caster had to contest a flag and the army had to control a zone in the centre.

My list was:

- Megalith
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Argus
- Gorax

Maximum unit of Wolves of Orboros
Reeve Hunter

And opponent was playing:

High Exemplar Kreoss
- Crusader
- Vanquisher
- Repenter

Maximum unit of Choir of Menoth
Knights Exemplar
Minimum unit of Exemplar Errants + Unit Attachment
High Exemplar Gravus

This time around I won the starting roll. In my deployment I tried to make a suprise moment of teleporting Mohsar to contest a flag, but no plan survives contact with the enemy.

I was able to sneak into center pretty easily with the aid of salt pillars, but as opponent could react to my deployment more easily he was able to dedicate Repenter and Vanquisher to my Wolves of Orboros. Bad match-up at the eastern front.

My grand plan pretty much failed next round thanks to the utility of Exemplar Errants.

My plan was that about everything I got would just succeed in killing all the errants, and once that's over Gnarlhorn would slam Crusader over Kreoss and beat him down.

Thrullg removed Defender's Ward from errants, but still three of them survived. I did try to bring Mohsar close by and shoot the errant blocking satyr's slam lane but the blind granpa obviously missed. And Mohsar was under 14" of Kreoss, so Lamentation stopped all kinds of Crevasse shenanigans. So Mohsar teleported away to the flag, but not as triumphantly as I had visioned...

It seems that next picture is taken after a full round.

Opponent tried to beat up Megalith, but the stone fellow didn't go down. Everything else in my army, however, went down when Kreoss used his feat. Only Megalith and Mohsar were left on their feet.

Actually Megalith did have some bonus from not-getting-knocked-down, when Crusader rolled double 1's on the attack roll with its MAT of 8 (thanks to choir).

I think three Wolves of Orboros survived the combined efforts of Repenter and Vanquisher. But they failed their command test so, yay.

Well, I still tried to be devious.

Megalith healed itself fully functional. He then cast Curse fo Shadows on the engaging crusader and beat it up with everything else.

All the furry beasts had shaken themselves up.

Gnarlhorn used its animus and charged Kreoss over Crusader.

It did charge away from Mohsar's control range, however. But that didn't exactly matter as it was already at full fury. Charge attack hit and scored 8 points in. All the other initial attacks missed, however.

Argus charged crusader with a combo-strike. If I remember right by then Crusader had lost cortex and the mace.

Argus tied up the enemy for a turn, which in my book is an impressive feat from a 4 point beast that had just crippled a couple of systems from a heavy warjack.

Gorax did go down then, however, as did the Gnarlhorn with combined efforts from Vanquisher and Kreoss and Reclaimer.

On my turn Mohsar upkept Curse of Shadows on Crusader, after which Megalith charged past Crusader to nail the Vanquisher. I don't remember how badly the warjack was mauled, though.

Argus bit one exemplar and tried to do some damage on Crusader, but really, things started to look rather grim, as Megalith wasn't exactly in good shape any more.

Vanquisher, Repenter and Kreoss eventually destroyed the Megalith and Gravus killed the puppy. Shame on Gravus!

Reeve Hunter was engaged by running Errants, so I kinda needed to win Kreoss that had 10 hit points remaining, Lamentation on and was camping up armor at 19-20 with Mohsar and two wolves of Orboros.

No problem!

One Wolf of Orboros charged Kreoss to the back arc and one "charged" Repenter to get himself moving. Neither did damage, at least any important damage.

Then Mohsar advanced and cast Crevasse at the Wolves of Orboros officer and tried to spray Kreoss down with a boosted pow 12. Triple 1's or something.

Game over.


  1. Why didn't you just Sands of Fate into Kreoss and kill him yourself with Mohsar? Sure, he's not terribly impressive in melee but you could at least throw lots of attacks and boost (since you couldn't cast any spells).

    1. At that point I had only officer and unit leader remaining... I think unit leader isn't a trooper model, so cannot use Sands of Fate on him... If I'm wrong, someone please correct me :D

      Also, failing a command check at a critical point made teleporting difficult. However, if I'm completely honest, I didn't even think of such a possibility until all of my beasts were dead and I had only one chance to jump at Kreoss.

    2. You are thinking of grunts. Troopers are anything in a unit.

  2. I think you were one step ahead of me for the whole game, I was pretty much just reacting and grinding you out. Luckily for me Menoth does that rather well, but Kreoss was in a lot more danger than I would have liked. Just wasn't able to block all angles to him while having Lamentation in a good place.

    It was always little things that saved Kreoss. I would prefer them to be big things, but that won't happen against a crafty opponent. :)