Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trees thrive in the desert

Played two 15 point games today against Skorne with Cassius & Wurmwood.

We played with the same lists, which were:

- Megalith
- Woldwyrd

Minimum unit of Wolves of Orboros
Swamp Gobbers

And opponent played:

- Titan Gladiator
- Cyclops Savage
- Cyclops Brute

Minimum unit of Beast Handlers
Bloodrunner Master Tormentor

There's some "proxying" going on so I put some explanations in the pictures. First game I won the starting roll (am I getting better at it?)

I rushed forward with everything I got while opponent was more cautious. I got Wurmwood inside forest, which was nice enough.

Next turn I moved forward and caught Gladiator with Stranglehold.

Woldwyrd took a few shots at Gladiator too as Morghoul had cast Admonition on it. Damage rolls weren't that impressive, however.

Opponent cast Rush on both cyclops' and moved forward with Morghoul and used his feat.

Cyclops Brute charged Woldwyrd but didn't break anything. Savage charged Megalith and didn't really damage it that much and Bloodrunner Master Tormentor killed only one of the two Wolves she managed to charge.

I forgot to take one picture at the end of opponents next turn, so, looking at that picture, Megalith advanced and beat what it could out of Savage.

Wolves of Orboros charged Savage and it was left with 1 damage point. Cassius moved to kill the Cyclops Savage, managed to do that (and found out that I didn't actually gain a soul for Wurmwood as Cassius' melee weapon is a "remove from play" effect) and then yanked Wurmwood closer. Then Cassius used his feat, creating a 10" forest around Wurmwood.

Opponent then reacted by trampling a Rushed Gladiator next to Megalith. It was actually pretty clever move that I never thought of... It seems that a heavy warbeast/warjack with a trample can actually get its weapons to bear even during Cassius' feat turn. Scary.

Well, Gladiator didn't manage to kill Megalith and neither succeeded Brute and Morghoul himself to bring Woldwyrd down.

Megalith beat up the Gladiator and after Wolves of Orboros charged it Admonition was used. Megalith also used its animus because Morghoul was close enough to suffer the -2 defense penalty.

Then Woldwyrd shot Morghoul. It would have worked out pretty damn fine if it still wasn't a ranged attack that was Shield Guarded by the close-by Brute.

Wyrd took a last shot at Morghoul and rolled amazingly high for its attack roll, scoring a hit which dealt some damage.

Cassius was feeling bold enough to charge Morghoul himself.

One lucky roll that would have killed Morghoul outright was transfered away.

Second one wasn't. End of Morghoul.

Game 2:

In next game we decided to swap our sides because we played with same lists to get some variation to tactics there.

As it turned out, I didn't start an amazing streak of winning starting rolls because I lost it now anyway.

Both of us pretty much ran as far as we could. Round 2 did, however, teach me something about Rush + Abuse.

Opponent actually did pull off a charge with his Cyclop Savage against my Woldwyrd.

Luckily the damage rolls were rather poor, but the branches weren't. Spirit broken and no way of healing. Losing almost half of my fury generation on round 2... sucked.

Well, it was obviously a trade-off, but as fury 5 warlock still had enough beasts to generate 6 fury with one beast left for transfer and my fury 6 warlock would be able to generate 4 fury and still be able to transfer... It seemed okay trade to me. If I was in opponents pants, that is. Which I wasn't.

My wolves of Orboros charged the Savage first. One of them, however, charged Bloodrunner Master Tormentor who had failed its charge. But because one of my models was blocking my charge line I had to charge a bit awkwardly, which brought my model within 6" of Titan Gladiator. It triggered Admonition and the hulk jogged forward.

Megalith had to come in to finish Savage.

Then I took the two souls from Wurmwood to fuel Cassius. He moved forward and tried to launch Stranglehold at now-close-enough Gladiator. Cassius even boosted the attack roll and still missed.

Well, he tried to Strangle the titan again, this time without attack roll boost. Managed to hit and boosted damage. Damage roll was exactly 8, meaning Gladiator took no damage and wasn't strangled. With two remaining fury Cassius moved Wurmwood and used feat.

Brave gobbers ran to block possible trample shenanigans.

Well, the gladiator did trample.

However, this time it was abused and enraged.

And it landed on Megalith. Megalith took rather severe beating and was left with 3 damage boxes in the Spirit branch.

Cyclops Brute just came in and killed someone. No biggies.

But Morghoul used his feat and that buggered me.

On my turn I could only leach 3 fury from Megalith so had to cut 3 from Cassius himself. Megalith also self-healed only one point of damage so I had to choose if I wanted to use only 1 die either on attack rolls or damage rolls. I chose attack rolls as I had already forgotten Morghoul had used his feat...

Megalith needed 5 with one die to hit the Gladiator. And it did. Actually, both of the attacks hit which was kinda hilarious.

Cassius charged the titan too and after two attacks it was standing only with one damage point. Then he cast Unseen Path to bring him to safety. To block a clear charge the brave gobbers bellowed some smoke into the thick of action (represented by the cloud template).

Wolves of Orboros charged Brute and Gladiator.

Wolves finished Gladiator just nicely but the cyclop took no damage.

Then it was the turn where opponent really crippled me.

Beast Handlers charged the wolves next to cyclop, killing one of them. After that Morghoul came forward and cast Abuse on the brute, who marched on, taking one free strike from the remaining Wolf of Orboros.

And there he killed Megalith.

Which, funnily enough, meant that I hadn't generated any fury at all for one round earlier and wouldn't generate any more during that game, except from the souls of the fallen. Because of Morghouls feat Megalith had no fury on it to leech.

But Wurmwood had 5 souls on it.

So it was my all-or-nothing turn coming up.

I ran one wolf next to beast handlers who were blocking line of sight to Morghoul.

Then Cassius activated and took all 5 souls from Wurmwood and moved about next to the gobbers.

He cast Hellmouth on the Wolf and it caught all three beast handlers and Morghoul under it. Cyclops Brute had been maxed out on fury so it wasn't a transfer target. That one gave 8 points in to Morghoul.

Cassius had 5 fury still, which were used for attack roll boosted Stranglehold, which needed 11+ to hit. I rolled exactly 11. Then it was time to boost damage. Another 8 points in which was more than enough to kill Morghoul.

Had any of those close calls failed at the last assassination run...

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