Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking another shot at magnetising

Well, ages ago I posted a picture of my so-called "omni-jack".

I haven't touched that project for ages, because I wanted to get Malice magnetised in the same go.

Now I got Malice and here is a picture of all the pieces: (don't mind the pig)

This assemble can be played as either a Slayer, Reaper or Malice. I have constructed a Corruptor from earlier Helljack box.

The souls that were to be attached to Malice made me go with two bases. I wanted the defining soul pieces to be present in my Malice, but it would be too difficult and probably ugly to magnetise them all to basic chassis.

Now, Malice will go on the epic Asphyxious mimicking base and other variants to snowy base.

I'm quite happy how it all turned out. Currently I'm painting the chassis, I'll probably take one more shot when all the pieces are painted.

Now I'm worried about the new leaked promise of another character jack coming up in Wrath expansion... If it's yet another upgrade pack I wonder if I need to do a third base...

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