Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rummikub at friends

Yesterday we played a 4-player Rummikub board game at friends place.

It's been quite a many years since I played Rummikub last time. Actually five to six years... Ah well, off with the nostalgia!

As Rummikub is a game of toying around with numbered badges it's rather difficult to write a decent "gaming report" out of it.

We played three rounds. I ended two of them which was enough to make me the overall winner.

But anyway... about the game itself, it's a game that gets better with more players. Four seemed to be real nice number of players as the situation on the board was changing a lot before it was your own turn again.

Also the possibilities in constructing the sets you can almost-but-not-quite grasp and count in your head... Thrilling.


  1. Even rummikub makes it here? Rummikub stats? :D


  2. Yeah... When I happened to play Rummikub I did think if I actually would have to wrote about it in here. But then again... this is supposed to be a record of every and all games I ever played.

    I just really hope I don't end up playing Hungry Hungry Hippo anywhere anytime soon.

  3. Or that elephant game where you catch the butterflies?