Monday, February 7, 2011

Bronzeback Barbeque

Well, it just happened that we played another game with the same friend in Vassal pretty soon.

It was a 35 point game and this time I was sporting my sorry Hexeris:

- Bronzeback Titan
- Basilisk Drake
- Basilisk Krea

Maximum unit of Praetorian Swordmen + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Beast Handlers
Totem Hunter
Aptimus Marketh
Bloodrunner Master Tormentor
Orin Midwinter

And my opponent had:

- Reckoner
Avatar of Menoth

Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Maximum unit of Temple Flameguard
Visgoth Juviah & Honor Guard
Knights Exemplar
Madelyn Corbeau
Vassal of Menoth

It looks like my earlier win on the starting roll was just some exception so that I couldn't be sure if some messed up law of karma looks over it. I lost the starting roll.

Anyway, opponent thought it to be more advantageous for him to let me start.

Bottleneck map didn't look too promising regarding Feora's feat but I rushed everything I got forward.

Right flank included nearly all the solos, Totem Hunter (who's prey was Madelyn Corbeau), Thrullg and Bloodrunner Master Tormentor. Center of the map had Praetorian Swordmen and Orin Midwinter.

Warbeasts, Hexeris and beast handlers dragged on a little bit.

Opponent moved Reckoner and tried to shoot Thrullg who was far away and had the benefit of cover from a building. Missed.

Avatar ran at the left side of map and Flameguards backed off from Bloodrunner Master Tormentor. Can't blame them, really. All in all opponent seemed to try to make me come to a bad position. And I guess he succeeded in that?

Well, on my turn I come as much forward as I dare with everything, trying desperately to maneuver my slow warbeasts. Or, well, basilisks aren't that slow but they're not a real threat to Reckoner or Avatar either.

Not much to tell about that turn. Soul Slave was on Bronzeback and Death March on praetorian swordsmen. Opponent had cast Hex Hammer and was upkeeping it.

Then opponent started activating stuff. And I got a short but painful lesson on Juviah Rhoven's stealth ignoring action. Reckoner shot both Totem Hunter and Bloodrunnes Master Tormentor away with it 2 focus and Ancillary Attack from Vassal of Menoth.

Avatar picked up some potatoes in the fields, probably waiting for an opening.

Feora cast a Wall of Fire to protect Flameguard. Everything else shuffled closer.

Then it was my turn. And, well, Skorne delivered the pain.

Hexeris was the first one who activated. He moved as close to the enemy as he could, used Dark Dominion and launched a hit-roll boosted Obliteration at closely packed flameguards and knights exemplar, killing two knights and three flameguards who in turn killed a couple flameguards, one knight exemplar, a wrack and Madelyn Corbeau.

I left Hexeris sitting with one fury.

Then Orin Midwinter killed two more flameguards with a chain lighting who turned around and poked some remaining knights exemplar.

Basilisk Drake sprays one flameguard who turns around and kills the last one of his unit. The last flameguard tries to kill even more exemplars but fails there.

Then I decided to charge with Praetorian Swordmen. Two charged Avatar on the fields and two Reckoner, others didn't have any targets in range.

A lucky damage roll (5,6,6) dealt 7 points to Reckoner, after which the swordmen in question side stepped to Choir of Menoth and killed one of the choir boys. Choir boy turned around and tried to beat the priest but didn't score a hit. What a shame...

The ones who charged Avatar dealt automatic 1 point to it.

So, my round of slaughter: 10 Flameguards, 3 Knights Exemplar, Madelyn Corbeau, one Choir Boy and 4 points of damage dealt to Avatar and 7 to Reckoner.

But then it was opponents turn to punish me back.

Avatar trampled one swordman dead. Then Feora activated and cast Blazing Effigy on engaged Reckoner. Suprisingly, it was no longer engaged and 3 more swordmen died. Then she advanced a bit and used her feat, getting under: 6 praetorian swordmen + officer, Hexeris, basilisk Drake, Bronzeback Tital, two beast handlers, Thrullg and Orin Midwinter.

One of Rhoven's honor guards kill the flaming praetorian who was engaging choir. After that choir sings battle hymns to Reckoner.

Reckoner then charges Bronzeback Titan. After spending 3 focus on mauling it the bronzeback was still standing with 7 damage boxes, all branches still intact! Well, vassal gave Reckoner Ancillary Attack. Which dealt exactly 7 points of damage. So I lost my heavy hitter, Reckoner in middle of my army with all models getting -2 to attack rolls while within 2" of it... nice.

Anyway, my opponents round of slaughter: 8 praetorians, Bronzeback, Orin Midwinter, 3 points to Thrullg (still on fire) and 3 points to Hexeris (still on fire).


Crushing that Reckoner took the combined efforts of everything I got. Thrullg, Drake, enraged Krea and Hexeris all beat it down.

Remaining Praetorians didn't manage to do anything and Aptimus had to run to protect Hexeris from nearly clear charge lines.

Opponent then killed one praetorian swordman and Aptimus Marketh and moved all other models away from Feora's charge line.

Feora activated and cast Engine of Destruction.

To Hexeris' defense I must say that he made Feora buy an additional attack, initial attacks didn't kill him though he had taken 5 points of damage earlier.

So, it's a loss again for Hexeris...

But I don't feel that bad because the game was pretty awesome. This is the first game I've played where Hexeris' feat actually was useful as it resulted in deaths of at least 1 knight exemplar, Madelyn Corbeau, 4-5 flame guards and a wrack.

Also, opponent managing to pull out Engine of Destruction assassination... well, I guess everyone needs to experience that even once during WM/H career.

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