Thursday, June 8, 2017

Grande Finale

Ooookay. With might of two saviors, I proceed to attack a level 2 White Lion.

And I killed level 2 White Lion just fine.


Well in fact it slaughtered three of my survivors. Last one remaining was able to score the kill pretty much on the last turn possible. And it happened to be the Lucern savior survivor. It was a gruesome fight. Next time I will be prepared for this horrible Cunning ability a little better.

Doesn't change the fact that now - again - I got only three survivors alive.

Settlement event is Murder. The hero, blue dream savior, is murdered just as he arrives home. One of the last two survivor decides to take the justice in her own hand and kills the murderer.

There I am. At one survivor remaining. I hope she's happy with her decision to spell doom on the continuation of this particular settlement.

I did things with the last remaining survivor, though, and the amazing amount of endeavors.

I built Built Weapon Crafter and Scrap Sword, nnovated Symposium and Shadow Dance.

Made augury enough to give Insight for the last survivor, as well as grind a little Settlement Watch to get extra fighting arts. Defender was what she got. Who is she going to defend? Too late for that.

I thought this would be over soon when I went to fight level 1 White Lion.

I made two critical hits that both gave -1 accuracy token for the beast. After this the fight was practically over in my favor. Lion didn't score even a single injury roll during the whole match.

Heck. I want it to be over, so when settlement even is Open Maw, I jump right in with four dice. And there it is. Double 1's.

This carnival is over. I'm a little disappointed, though, that she did not get the best result in the Maw and return with some sort of super weapon, and become the sole survivor for years to come.


I managed to survive until the settlement event phase of Lantern Year 8.

I killed:
Prologue Lion
1x level 1 screaming antelope
3x level 1 white lion
1x level 2 white lion

+ kind of lost to Butcher.

I managed to innovate:
Language, Hovel, Inner Lantern, Guidepost, Lantern Oven, Settlement Watch, Symposium, Shadow Dancing and Ammonia, mostly in this order.
I had Protect the Young and Graves principles.

I had built Lantern Hoard, Organ Grinder, Skinnery,Bone Smith and Weapon Crafter.

Death count was 17.

Well, it's good that this campaign ended this soon. I noticed I had played a couple of things wrong in the first two showdowns or something. I thought that you could dodge as many times as you had survival. Otherwise I don't think I broke any crucial rules, though I think I goofed up with White Lion's Basic Action a couple of times.

I don't think I remembered that I could spend survival during flows on monster cards even once. I didn't have Dash, though, so it's not that terrible, though a well placed Encourage here and there might have affected some miserable situations.

I aim to start next campaign when I got Butcher and King's Man painted along with some progress on Phoenix.

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