Thursday, April 6, 2017

Odd feeling I've been in this situation before

A 75 point game of Warmachine from yesterday.

My list was:

Deneghra, the Soul Weaver
- Corruptor
- Defiler
- Harrower
- Nightmare
- Nightwretch

Withershadow Combine
Bloat Thrall
Machine Wraith
Ogrun Bokur
2x Pistol Wraith
Soul Trapper
Warwitch Siren

Opponent had:

The High Reclaimer
- Judicator

Choir of Menoth (min)
Exemplar Vengers (max)
Idrian Skirmishers (max) + Command Attachment

2x Knights Exemplar
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Vassal Mechanik

Scenario was Take & Hold and Protectorate started game. For some reason the picture quality is even more atrocious than it has been these days.

Anyway. Opponent was juggling Hand of Fate throughout the game like a pro. I had Grave Wind on Deneghra. Nightmare had Judicator for it's Prey target, and Corruptor was the choice of Idrians.

Opponent had uneventful turn 2, when all shots from Judicator either did no damage or deviated off, and even Idrians managed to miss their RAT 11 shot against Defiler. A Venger charged Deneghra and dealt eleven points or something, which was dropped to six by expending a focus point.

My next turn wasn't all that grand either, when opponent was passing Tough rolls on Idrians way too often. Deneghra even missed Mortality on them. But I did get four Idrians and one Venger. Necrotech repaired Deneghra. I was quite alarmed by the Venger attack on Deneghra, so I crammed as many models in front of Deneghra as possible to protect her.

Turn 3 wasn't too bad. Vengers failed at wrecking any of my warjacks, and Idrians got only Soul Trapper and Pistol Wraith.

However, one deviation from Judicator was excessively annoying, when it just managed to clip Admonia a little bit, who received a damage roll of 11, which was just enough to kill her. Boo.

Regardless, I was optimistic.

Maelovus cast Mortality on Vengers after their Battle Driven had worn off. Warwitch Siren seduced a Venger, who galloped right next to a gathering of two other Vengers - all of which were killed from a Thresher attack by Harrower. Quick Work shot tried to kill the last Venger who was sitting in a trench. Attack missed, but deviation still gave POW 6 damage roll, which resulted in two points of damage - unless I forget what Pistol Wraith rolled. It tried to come and finish the cavalry model, and accidentally even scored a hit. Either no damage at all, or the earlier two points actually came from this attack.

Excruciatingly carefully I measured that I would be able to get Deneghra to spray the Venger dead, and then Reposition away from Judicator's charge distance.

Plan was all good, but execution was not. I had written a mental note myself to move Ogrun Bokur out of Deneghra's escape lane, but you can already guess what happened.

"You are safe right next to me, Deneghra, my liege, my generous client!"

"Uh, yeah, whatever. Just move a little so there is no reason for you to protect me at all, you know."


Then I pretty much had to run everything I still had left to activate to block Judicator's charge.

Turn 4 Deneghra didn't die thanks to valiant sacrifices made by my troops, but the game was lost anyway. All but Maelovus and Tremulus, Necrotech, Warwitch Siren and Bloat Thrall and Harrower died.

I wanted to take Judicator down with me at least, perhaps some miracle might happen and Deneghra would survive if the P+S gazillion colossal would go down.

So, Deneghra used her feat and spammed Mortality all over the place. And true to her traditions that she seems to hold in high esteem, she missed Mortality at least three times when needing 5+ to hit.

Anyway, then she charged Judicator and mauled it with all but three focus points.

Necrotech repaired Harrower with a LOT of spare parts (shame you can use only one at a time...)

Harrower then charged, but didn't wreck Judicator.

Warwitch Siren attempted to spray Judicator and did some odd points of damage.

Then Bloat Thrall took a free strike and exploded, killing a couple of Idrians. But not getting to land a shot at Judicator.

I suppose a miracle could have happened if Judicator would have died. After all, out of the six or so Idrians that charged Deneghra, four missed. But nope, the witch was dead. Once more.

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