Saturday, April 29, 2017

Monster horror story

Okay, now I feel dumb.

Once more I dropped my camera, and to my astonishment - image quality has drastically improved.

Overjoyed by this I took a couple of pictures of some models I've painted for Kingdom Death.

The smallest one is Mother that I plan to use as one of the starting survivors if I can't get hold of unarmored survivor sprue. Picture is not all that good but at least the weird vertical stripes are not there. I finished painting Mother exactly today and I'm going to tell a horror story right now.

When I had finished Mother, I started to spread gloss varnish on the miniature. Turned out the brush wasn't clean, and it started smearing grey all over the model. Panicking I ran for a sink to hopefully get most of the stuff away. This helped a little, but damage had already been done. I managed to salvage Mother adequately enough, but the final paint-job could have been tad better without this horrible accident.

The hard way to learn I guess.

Miniatures shown are White Lion and Screaming Antelope quarries from Kingdom Death: Monster and Mother survivor is some kind of collector extra or something.

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