Friday, April 28, 2017

The Price of Beauty

Two 50 point games of Warmachine. Both were played with Week 2 rule pack for Steamroller CID cycle. Both games had the same lists.

Deneghra, the Soul Weaver
- Corruptor
- Erebus
- Deathripper
- Defiler

The Withershadow Combine
Ogrun Bokur
2x Pistol Wraith
Soul Trapper [1]
Warwitch Siren

Opponent had:

Iron Lich Asphyxious
- Deathripper
- Nightwretch
- Reaper
- Slayer
Bane Warriors (max) + Command Attachment
Mechanithralls (max) +1x Brute Thrall + Skarlock Commander
Warwitch Siren

First game was the scenario Outlast and Deneghra started.

I forgot to take pictures for quite a while, but considering their quality I guess it isn't that much of a loss.

Enemy Mechanithralls had swarmed zone on left. Maelovus had cast Mortality on them. I think about three Mechanithralls survived.

In the picture Deneghra has used her feat and cast Mortality on Slayer, plus switched Grave Wind on herself. It had originally been cast on Erebus.

Enemy Slayer became quite a sorry piece when it was knocked down, stationary from Death Chill and had lost it's cortex.

However, for some reason I wanted to protect Deneghra from ranged attacks - and enemy had only one ranged attack available. Harpoon attack from Reaper wouldn't even have been able to drag Deneghra - but it sure could do that to Erebus. That's how I lost my newly painted Erebus right away.

I lost both of my Pistol Wraiths and of course the Erebus. Corruptor suffered heavy damage, and I felt quite a bit powerless when enemy was outnumbering me 3 to 1.

Souls converted to Focus points for Deneghra, bringing her up to twelve points. And Asphyxious was within charge range, so I decided to attempt an assassination.

Withershadow Combine cast Puppet Master and Ghost Walk on Deneghra.

I somehow needed to pull the only soul enemy had - Warwitch Siren - for Deneghra. I don't remember how that exactly happened, but Soul Trapper did it's job just fine, and Deneghra could charge, cast Scourge on Asphyxious, use the soul to cast Mortality on Asphyxious and then proceed with 8 focus points of attacks against automatically hitting P+S 13 attacks against ARM 14 target. Asphyxious did have three or four focus points in camp, but they did not save Asphyxious from an overkill like this.

Final score was 1 scenario point for Asphyxious and zero for Deneghra.

Game 2:

Second game was Spread the Net and Asphyxious started.

In the first picture Asphyxious is about to start controlling the rectangular zone. Deneghra uses her feat, and that must have been the most beautiful Deneghra the Soul Weaver's feat turns I've ever had.

Maelovus had cast Mortality on Mechanithralls once more. But Deneghra cast Mortality on Slayer, Deathripper and Bane Warriors, Ghost Walk on herself and on Erebus, and allocated extra focus for Erebus and Corruptor.

Then she charged close to the flag on my side of the board, killed stuff and used Reposition to get to control the flag.

Erebus charges and wrecks Slayer. I would have wanted to use Overtake to get to contact with Nightwretch and make it stationary and somewhat damaged, but wrecking ARM 15 target took all attacks and all focus it had.

Killing six Mechanithralls and the Brute Thrall, Slayer, five Bane Warriors and some stray points to Deathripper along with two control points felt quite nice indeed. But alas, then something happened.

Only one attack missed Erebus, so I didn't get that much mileage out of Poltergeist. Attacking models were two Bane Warriors, Bane Warrior Officer and Reaper. Okay, this was a loss I was ready to accept. What wrenched my guts was how all it took was two (2) Bane Warrior attacks that wrecked Corruptor also. It had taken some minor damage that had been mostly repaired by Necrotech. This was a loss I was not ready to accept, though I did not flip the table just yet.

It think scenario was 2-2.

I cleared flag and zone on the right, but I was outrageously starved of attacks. It also felt like a death sentence, when Pistol Wraith couldn't kill Bane Warrior Officer and then Defiler advanced to spray Warwitch Siren and Bane Warrior Officer - hit Siren, but missed officer. Did not kill Siren.

Soul Trapper ran to contest zone where Asphyxious was grinding victory points, and scenario went to 4-2 for Deneghra.

Opponent then wrecked Defiler, killed Ogrun Bokur and last remaining Pistol Wraith. Most terrible thing was a stray spray from enemy Warwitch Siren that killed Maelovus. I really wouldn't have needed that to happen.

Scenario went 4-4.

My memory is getting a little bit hazy on the minute details of match. Deneghra failed her activation. She only killed Warwitch Siren and missed Mortality on Nightwretch. She did some random attacks against the arc node, but pretty much just tickled it. Admonia made a valiant sacrifice by running to contest two zones, so scenario was still 5-5.

I lost Deathripper and Admonia, so all I had was Tremulus and Deneghra. Scenario went to 7-5 for Asphyxious.

Deneghra failed her activations yet again. She did remove Deathripper I think, and impact attacks nailed all but the flag bearer of Bane Warriors.

Final score was something like 11-8 for Asphyxious and game ended on the second player's seventh turn. It's more than likely that I messed up somewhere when trying to re-calculate the point scoring, but lots of points were scored by both players. And eventually both players had only their warcaster on the table.

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