Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Her indecision

Yesterday I was a rival suitor for a princess for the first time ever.

There were two suitors, and considering how princess sent hearts for both of us, it must have been a tough decision for her to pick her companion for the end of days just on the basis of letters.

After eight rounds the situation was four hearts for both suitors. Fifth heart would be the most important decision.

And fifth heart was not mine.

Clearly there was some foul play going on behind my back, when princess herself was 'out of the game' during ninth round.


Since another round was played a day later, I'll edit that right in.

This time around I let nothing come in-between me and the princess, resorting to smear campaigns and forcing rival suitor to stay overnight at the church, buying me plenty of time to arrange the delivery of my letters, all the while taking care that no letter of my adversary would reach the hands of our beloved princess.

These lowly methods were prolific in securing me victory this time, but I'm afraid that one day princess will see through my fraud...

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