Friday, March 24, 2017

What happens when Malice lends a harpoon from a Black Ogrun?

This 75 point game of Warmachine is what happens.

Master Necrotech Mortenebra & Deryliss
- Malice
- Leviathan
- Harrower
- Defiler
- Stalker

Maximum unit of Satyxis Raiders + Sea Witch
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Satyxis Raider Captain
Bloat Thrall
Orin Midwinter

Ragnor Skysplitter
- Bomber
- Mauler
- Axer
- Impaler

Maximum unit of Krielstone Bearers
Maximum unit of Sluggers
War Wagon
Fell Caller Hero
Totem Hunter

Scenario was Entrenched. Trollbloods started game.

I brought Satyxis Raiders to the front - with Sea Witch just a tad too close to the Totem Hunter. He managed to get the witch within 2" and rolled well enough to destroy the blast damage immunity. And then there was this AoE 5 war wagon to activate... uh, it was ugly.

Best use I could figure out for the Satyxis was to charge Ragnor himself, who had also used his feat. Admirably the raiders dealt five points of damage.

Though, first I made a mess out of Mortenebra's feat. Somehow I figured out using her feat to destroy one heavy warbeast would be worth it. I did shenanigans, and Malice was able to take an aimed shot at Dire Troll Bomber so that dragging would take it outside of Ragnor's feat. Neat, except that attack roll was double 1's. Lucky thing I had used the feat. Next, with a boost, Malice needed 7+ with two dice to deal at least one point of damage. Well. Result was double sixes - a total of six for the first damage roll, and a total of six for the re-rolled one.

Trollblood warbeasts had been running hot, and Dire Troll Bomber failed treshold check. It ate a slugger. All in all damage opponent did this turn wasn't devastating - Defiler lost arc node and all the Satyxis died. Worst thing was that Ragnor could start dominating his friendly zone now.

Next I see a clear chance for an assassination - Mortenebra casts Overrun on Malice and Leviathan. Overrun would move Harrower close enough for a Tuned Up charge attack against Ragnor.

I chose a greedy path and tried to harpoon Bomber to Malice, finishing it off with Leviathan. Harpoon rolled double 1's again, so I abort the plan immediately and take aimed shots at Sluggers instead. I jinxed myself when I said "and now I will roll only one shot and the slugger passes Tough" because that was exactly what happened.

Harrower tries to scrape War Wagon a little bit instead, then.

Stalker and Defiler do what they can against opponent's objective, and leave it with three hit boxes and Corrosion continuous effect.

Ragnor was able to clear the zone and dominate a second point. He had only one fury point for transfers.

Trollblood forces wreck both Malice and Harrower.

I had ran so low on my model count that I didn't try a scenario any longer. I figured out a plan for assassination once more - Leviathan rolls three shots and spends focus points directly from Mortenebra via Interfarce (honest typo at first, but I decided to leave it for giggles.)

All good otherwise, but Leviathan rolled only two shots. Both hit and dealt respectable damage, and Ragnor was left with two hit boxes.

Well, then there was Deryliss with Doom Spiral. My last chance for 7+ hit and 8+ for damage on two dice victory.

In the end I paid for my vast number of bad choices, and dice did not save me in this way. Nor any other way. Opponent only had to kill a Necrosurgeon and Defiler and objective to get three points in one go. It proved to not be a particular problem. Scenario loss for Cryx.

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