Thursday, March 3, 2016

Please Morvy, can I take these tuffalos home with me?

Better write this game up right away, as I forgot to take camera.

So, I just got back from playing a 50 point game of Warmachine.

My list was:

Morvahna the Autumnblade
- Warpwolf Stalker
- Woldguardian
- Woldwyrd
- Rotterhorn Griffon

Druids of Orboros
Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Wolves of Orboros + Unit Attachment
Lord of the Feast
Druid Wilder
Gallows Grove
Gatorman Witch Doctor

Opponent had:

Borka Kegslayer
Family Reunion tier 4
- Pyre Troll
- Slag Troll

Maximum unit of Trollkin Champions + Skaldi Bonehammer
Minimum unit of Trollkin Champions
Minimum unit of Trollkin Sluggers
Stone Scribe Chronicler
2x Trollkin Champion Heroes
Gudrun the Wanderer
War Wagon

Scenario was Incursion and Trollbloods started game. Borka was coming from the middle. Gudrun and War Wagon were holding a flag on the left, and I didn't really have anyone there... A few stray druids only. Well, at least this left me good presence on the flag on right. However, all of the champions were nearing that flag, so I kind of needed most of my punching power there.

So, on my second turn the only model I managed to get within 4" of the flag on left was only a Druid of Orboros. Within Vortex cloud, though. Opponent had been limited in his movement options with the champion trolls, and I guess he didn't want to overextend them either because of Circle threat range shenanigans. This resulted in an easy grab of the rightmost flag with Wolves of Orboros.

Borka had cast Wind Wall, which safe-proofed two Sluggers, a Pyre Troll (I think) and just about every Stone Bearer. This blocked the perfect spot for Lord of the Feast's crow, but one Slugger who was outside of Wind Wall took the bird right in the face. The cheaty thresher attack with extended warranty took down the whole unit of Sluggers and two Stone Bearers. Lord of the Feast had Restoration on him, so he wouldn't be that easy to remove from the board next turn.

Well... I don't remember too keenly, but I failed to bring other models to contest the middle flag, or if I did it was a single Druid of Orboros. However it went, it was easy for opponent to get two scenario points there and then. Two Druids of Orboros died, as well as five Wolves of Orboros, but who counts Wolves of Orboros when they got Regrowth on? Perhaps Morvahna should, as she was left at zero Fury next turn after paying for the upkeep for Harvest and Regrowth...

I really wanted to get at least two Fury before I would activate Morvahna so that I could get Restoration somewhere. Druids of Orboros try to give her that. One druid kills the last remaining Stone Bearer grunt, and then there was only the stone itself remaining, who passed two Tough rolls. I really wanted the fury points for Restoration, so Shifting Stones teleport themselves within 4" of each other, and Stone Keeper teleports himself closer to the knocked down Krielstone. And another passed Tough roll. Turn later I realised that Woldwyrd goes through Wind Wall as it has a magical attack. Oh well. I ditch my attempt to get Restoration and activate Morvahna to use her feat.

Druid Wilder give sprint for Warpwolf Stalker, who then warps for Strength and charges into thick of Trollkin Champions. Skaldi counter charges, but thankfully doesn't break anything. Warpwolf kills one Champion and one Champion Hero and manages to knock down Skaldi. Then it sprints as much back as possible. Woldwyrd shoots Skaldi dead.

Wolves of Orboros charge and use Power Swell. This scores them three kills and a second scenario point for Circle.

Woldguardian tries to beat War Wagon, but the damage rolls... let's not speak about the damage rolls. Let's just... don't.

Then Borka uses his feat, and that turn was a serious blow to my attrition. Both Warpwolf Stalker and Woldwyrd died. Only one Druid of Orboros remained. Trollbloods go to 3 scenario points.

On my my turn the Rotterhorn Griffon charges the lone Krielstone Bearer, and this guy passes yet another three Tough rolls. Damn it you useless underlings... target the TROLL, not the stone! Wolves of Orboros activate, and finally the Krielstone Bearer is skewered for good. Other casualties for trolls included only a trollkin champion and one champion. I had had quite a few knocked down Wolves of Orboros at the start of their activation thanks to Hero's Tragedy, or whatever the actual name for that ability is.

Now that the damned stone was dead, Woldguardian killed Gudrun the Wanderer and brought War Wagon down to seven hit points remaining. I'm not sure what the heck that Guardian tried to do to the Wagon the whole game. Did it try to hug the fluffy and warm and soft buffaloes or something? Pet and play with them forever, and ever?

Morvahna was a bit cold hearted when she cast Eruption on Life on the Wagon. She needed to roll 13+ for damage to kill it in one shot, and of course she rolled exactly twelve. She had Fury for one more Eruption of Life, but needed 7+ on two dice to score the kill. Failing that, she'd have zero fury points for transfers. Ah well. There goes.

Damage roll is eight, so she gets one fury from Harvest and is teleported to safety via Shifting Stones.

Gallows Grove had teleported to control the flag on the right, so scenario points were 3-3.

So. Thanks to Regrowth Circle was a bit ahead on the attrition by now, but on the other hand scenario game was even and Trollbloods would most probably go to four points now.

It's a little annoying when a game ends this way. Opponent had laid plans thinking dominating a flag gave two scenario points in Incursion. Dice weren't with opponent this turn, and he struggled to remove two Tough Wolves of Orboros and Rotterhorn Griffon from contesting middle flag. It's possible nothing would have changed in the outcome thanks to some poor luck, but still winning because of or losing to oversights isn't that nice. It's the same, really, as when somebody learns just a little too late that warcasters and warlocks cannot contest zones or flags, or when someone isn't aware that both players score points during both players' turns.

But hey. Happens. Tough game anyway.

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