Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meet the Circus

To celebrate me getting my camera back, I'll put up the whole lot of my circus, Cruor et Caedis, here.

Latest reinforcements were the animals: two war hounds and a "rangifer" that is, in this case, a bear balancing on a barrel. All of them are from Warlord games.

Bluish grey blobs are spider swarms, which aren't showing very well in the picture (and neither to the plain eye). I was a bit lazy with them. I guess it would be easy to revisit them, but... uh. That's not going to be very high on the list of painting priorities.

Also the middle section is fairly recent. There's a bard, an archer and "something" there. I don't know what the juggler is going to represent. Last game she was a thug. They're all from Reaper minis.

Remaining models are from my earlier Carnival of Chaos warband project for Mordheim. Two acrobats with shields and blunt instruments are from Carnevale, as well as the masked Pulcinella figure.

Two headed freak is the apprentice and is a little converted model from Avatars of War. Plague summoner it was, I think.

I have no idea what company has produced the carnival master, but the model in itself was Jack the Ripper.

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