Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Frostgrave campaign game seven

Last Thursday we continued Frostgrave campaign with all four players. We played Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign scenario three, Loot the Cart.

We tinkered the scenario rules a little - instead of four cultists in the middle, there were eight. And instead of four ghouls from one random table edge, we'd have two ghouls from the middle of every table edge. These modifications were made because we had four players, when the scenario had been written for two.

My circus was lucky to succeed in 15+ Reveal Treasure spell, so I'd get at least one treasure from this game. Especially when we played this spell wrong - Within 6" of deployment zone means actually the 0-6" zone area beyond deployment zone. Spell description was a little confusing.

Again first picture shows treasure locations. There are four treasures inside the cart in the middle.

There is a paper slip close to the bear, and that one is a fog template. It blocked line of sight to a treasure hunter who went and picked the closest treasure from the building, so that treasure was an easy grab.

Second picture attempts to show that there was indeed a fourth team on the table. The building corner on the left is the same building where my closest treasure was. Jack had cast Plague of Insects on the necromancer's apprentice, because I was a little worried about his maxed out Bone Dart. Necromancer himself was shooting death cultists there at the fallen cart.

So, a huge brawl starts to form up between me and necromancer. That one fight must have been the biggest I've seen yet, and it was thanks to all models refusing to die even when they were injured. Now, let's see... There were my rangifer, war hound, bard, apothecary and barbarian from my side, and opponent got a knight, infantryman, zombie and something else there when the fight was at it's biggest.

Sigilists and Summoners were mostly fighting between themselves with Summoners slowly gaining the upper hand. Of course I don't know the difficulty levels Sigilist wizard needed to pass for a successful cast, but still at one point it wasn't even comical any more how many spells completely failed for them.

Necromancer warband reached the cart. I think there were only three or two cultists remaining there at that moment. Ghouls showed up and caused a slight distraction. I wanted to bait the ghouls with my sharpshooter who was on the building, but during later turns I realised that once the ghouls were standing on the bottom floor, the marksman was no longer in their line of sight! One ghouls sprang to my treasure hunter, who was still carrying a treasure. It didn't get to combat, but it did get within 1" of the treasure hunter, so it would force combat if he moved.

Another one made it into contact with Adon the Apprentice with double move. Adon had tried to blast them with Elemental Ball earlier, drawing Line of Sight from a window.

I had to send Jack to deal with the ghoul who was going to harass my precious treasure. My forces finally won the fight between me and the necromancers, but it had stalled me from coming to the party in the middle. Unless...

A streak of really bad luck had devastated Sigilist warband, and the final nail on the coffin was a cheap shot by Summoner warband that killed uninjured soldier who was carrying a treasure for the Sigilists. Sigilists were unable to get it back, and Summoners were carrying astonishing number of five treasure tokens. Necromancers were falling back. There weren't that many of them even alive any more.

There was only one way I could make a meaningful move within the game that would have any impact on the big picture.

Jack used his potion of teleportation and hopped to the other side of the table. He didn't get killed, so right next he casts Possess on himself. That's +8 Fight wizard right there. Jack had only around nine hit points left or so. Well, Jack surely was pretty intimidating there, but I didn't want to risk it. I strongly implied that my level of aggression would drop dramatically, if one treasure token would be left on the ground by the retreating summoners.

A deal was struck, but I still tried to cast Plague of Insects around. Perfect disarmament spell, that doesn't damage any models. Well, it's a shame that Jack repeatedly failed the spell and was taking a little bit of damage from the miscasts.

But in the end my rangifer (who had been healed by apothecary) ran to get the treasure token. Sigilists continued to harass my retreat throughout what was left of the endgame, but no additional damage was done to any side.

From the three treasures I found yet one more Sword of Undead Slaying (yay...) a Ring of Power (1) and nothing but gold. I didn't take any extra experience from my Reveal Secrets treasure, as I wanted to balance it out somehow that it was even easier grab than it normally would be. Spells and treasures gave Jack two levels this time.

Sigilists had been so unfortunate that they didn't get even one treasure token. But I'm not too surprised that it eventually happened (I think this was first game I've witnessed zero treasures for anyone?) in this scenario - the amount of treasure tokens was very limited, and most of them were tied to one location. All it required was a cheap shot and another failed melee at another treasure token early in the game.

I had almost started to think that the section of our house rules that limited post-game sequence a little bit was nearly redundant, but this game showed at least that it's good to have some sort of safety net if D20 decides to really screw somebody over.

Roster details:

Jack Saturn is level 20 with 2065 experience.
He has levelled fight by +3, Will by +1*, and health by +2.
Fleet Feet spell has been improved by +4, Elemental Ball by +1, Leap by +1, Possess by +1, Imp by +1 and Fog by +2.
He has learned Plague of Insect, which has been improved by +1.*
He has learned the Reveal Secret spell, which has been improved by +1.

Home base is Inn with Sarcophagus of Healing and Kennels

Vault has Magical two handed weapon (+1 damage modifier), 2x Sword of Undead Slaying, Magical bow (+2 damage modifier)
Book of Rangifer
Ring of Power (1)
Eyes of Amoto
Grimoire: Poison Dart, Control Construct, Willpower, Furious Quill
Scroll of Planar Tear.

Total gold that has been collected is 1880, unspent gold is 410.

Warband roster is worth 1360 gold (level 20 apprentice is 400) and includes:
Barbarian (with the two handed weapon from vault)
2x Treasure Hunter
War Hound

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