Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"If I just... could... reach!"

Last Wednesday I played a 35 point game of Warmachine.

My list was:

Kaya the Wildborne
- Warpwolf Stalker
- Riphorn Satyr
- Scarsfell Griffon
- Rotterhorn Griffon

Minimum unit of Bog Trog Ambushers
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers
Blackclad Wayfarer
Druid Wilder

Enemy had:

Iron Lich Asphyxious
- 2x Deathripper

Maximum unit of Bane Thralls + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Mechanithralls + Skarlock Commander... I think opponent forgot to put Brute on table, since list is one point short.
Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus
Warwitch Siren

Scenario was Recon. Cryx probably started, and first picture is from the end of Circle turn 1.

Cryx turn 2 the disturbing horde lurches forward. Asphyxious comes to take pot shots with Hellfire against Kaya. If dice started rolling well, Asphyxious might have used feat and score an assassination. Kaya had only two Fury for transfers. But if that was opponent's plan, he ditched it after first Hellfire missed and Breath of Corruption didn't land on her.

On my turn I was fairly intimidated for obvious reasons. I was outnumbered three to one if we don't count my models that had no attacks at all. I decided to use Kaya's feat this turn and call in the Bog Trogs. Their most important target, Necrosurgeon, was slightly too far away. At least one Trog killed the Warwitch Siren, and one took down a stitch thrall.

Warpwolf Stalker warped for berserk and charged stitch thrall in the middle. This triggered a berserk chain that accomplished nothing. Stalker starts to buy attacks against the Deathripper, managing to miss some attacks even with Kaya's Pack Hunter ability. Finally one attack hit, and Stalker had capacity for one more attack. I decided to go a risky route, and attacked Bane Thrall. Berserk carried through the two Bane Thralls back to Deathripper. I think the attack hit but didn't wreck.

Riphorn Satyr finishes the bonejack and kills one Mechanithrall. Yay. Rotterhorn then uses its own animus and charges forward. My plan with the bird was mostly wishful thinking, but I tried to take three Mechanithralls down by charging the unit leader. This provoked a free strike from Mechanithrall, which hits and breaks Spirit branch. And it appeared my wishful thinking had been way too optimistic - the Griffon could only reach its charge target, and 2" from Shrill Shriek didn't even carry to anybody!

Well. At least Rotterhorn Griffon missed both of it's initial attacks, and the Shriek killed that Mechanithrall. Shrill Shriek success. That was a pretty costly unit leader, though.

Scarsfell Griffon charges the other arc node, and with its flurry of low-powered attacks it managed to drop the bonejack to only movement system remaining.

I had been too eager with the Rotterhorn Griffon anyway. I was supposed to use it's animus on Blackclad Wayfarer before it charges off to its doom, but in the heat of things I forgot. Saxon Orrik had last turn nearly killed Druid Wilder, so I wanted to kill him. That military rifle could become problematic. Blackclad Wayfarer tried to spray Saxon down, but 8+ was beyond my dice roll skills.

Finally Kaya activates, uses all fury to bring both heavies to safety, advances and uses feat to call Rotterhorn back and heal it with one fury point. I had only the objective and a swamp gobber contesting the zone.

Turn 3 Cryx starts playing for scenario. Tartarus curses Scarsfell Griffon, and Bane Thralls charge. Two get to objective and break it. Astonishing combination of misses and low damage rolls kept Scarsfell Griffon still in game. One Swamp Gobber died to the Bane Thralls, and it wasn't the one who was contesting. A hero gobber! Last turn it had caused a Tough check for a Bane Thrall.

But then Asphyxious comes around and ruins everything by shooting a Hellfire to the melee. Of course it missed, but Bane's stealth surprised the opponent. I guess he attempted to kill the Bane Thrall and free Gobber from melee, and kill it with a second shot. So he opted for a 33% kill chance by attacking with Breath of Corruption. The cloud lands on the gobber, and Cryx went to three scenario points.

Circle turn 3 I try to figure out what to do. Exposing both of my heavy warbeasts wasn't an idea I liked too much, and exactly that I needed to do if I'd try to prolong the game somehow. I didn't have enough attacks to whittle down the infantry, even with Berserk from the Warpwolf Stalker. Moreover, Riphorn had been placed poorly, so it's contribution to game at this point would be minimal. Unless...

Riphorn pushes Kaya. Then Rotterhorn Griffon pushes Kaya. I wanted to align Kaya so that she'd be able to get within 5" of Maelovus with a charge attack against whatever. This succeeded, and she tried to shoot Maelovus down with one fully boosted Spirit Fang. That's 8+ to hit with three dice and 9+ to kill with three dice.

To really rub it in, damage roll was exactly 8. Curses.

Had Maelovus died, I think I could have shifted a Warpwolf Stalker who warps for strength within reach of Asphyxious, who had only one focus point boosting the armor.

Well. There was not much left to do. Blackclad Wayfarer took a free strike from Saxon Orrik in an attempt to perhaps clear a different teleport lane for Warpwolf Stalker. He survived, but either spray was too short or attack didn't hit to the main target - a Bane Thrall next to Maelovus.

Scarsfell Griffon takes three free strikes from Bane Thralls and one from Deathripper to just see how far it might go. I don't know what I tried to accomplish with that, as it couldn't reach to any location where it might be of use. Maybe I wanted to kill Tartarus. I don't know.

Well, there still was one hope - that 8" from Warpwolf Stalker would be enough to place it right behind of the Bane Thrall, or perhaps base-to-base to Maelovus and Bane Thrall.

Turns out it isn't enough to do that.

Bummer, bummer, bummer. It was game over for Circle now.

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