Monday, November 2, 2015

A Story of a Thug and a Dog.

Last Thursday I played last practice game of Frostgrave.

We're trying to set up a campaign next with new warbands.

Anyway, it was a four player game. One was a completely new player. Game took three and half hours to complete. Considering it was a four player game and game system was somewhat unfamiliar to every player it wasn't too oppressive length.

Yet again it's difficult to give a complete coverage what happened between all of the warbands. I won't even try, I'll just stick to my Summoner.

I've written down the deployment zones for each player and general location of treasures. Wizards present were the same Sigilist, Summoner and Necromancer we had in last game, plus one additional Necromancer.

Originally I had thought I might be able to escape with four treasure tokens fairly easily. However... only one of them was piece of cake. That's the #1 treasure on the tall building. My crossbow equipped coupled with my apprentice snatched it without any difficulties.

"My" treasure #2 could have been an easy grab, but I somehow managed to mess up my activation orders for next turn by moving a thief way too far from my wizard.

Now, treasure #3 went away completely by surprise. Just as the building blocks camera view, it blocked my personal line of sight, too. There's a dirty thief or treasure hunter or something like that from Sigilist warband behind that building, moving steadily towards my precious. Initially I had anticipated toughest fight to be at treasure counter #4, which is behind that crumbled corner of a building.

Sigilist had cast Draining Word on Leap, as that was a spell all his adversaries had in common.

A warhound from Sigilists wanted to come and contest my treasure #2, but I may have overreacted when I sent my barbarian to handle the dog. Or perhaps not, as we'll see...

I had cast Possess on one of my war hounds who was heading to the treasure #4. A barbarian from Necromancer team #1 ran to engage this hound from hell. The hound forced combat and sent Boris the Barbarian reeling with only two hit points remaining. If I don't remember completely wrong, War Hounds have caused much trouble and distress especially for Barbarians in earlier games, too. I guess I was lucky when my barbarian succeeded in killing the hound during second round of their personal combat.

Sigilists on the bridge were occupied with an Imp my apprentice had summoned plus members of Necromancer team #2. Necromancer team #1 also was hesitant to come to treasure #4 because of the unexpected result of fight with dog versus postman. Treasure #4 fell to my hands.

My game had been going relatively well. That's a good way to make me greedy, so I started dreaming about seizing treasure in the middle of the bridge. The place was full of Sigilists, but if I only could distract them long enough for somebody to take up the treasure and the Leap away...

Well, some member of the sigilists had already picked up the treasure, so I needed to block his advance somehow. My wizard cast Leap on Barbarian, who jumped pretty much to where I drew black circle on the picture. My possessed war hound and a thug were already fighting their way to get through.

Barbarian held off for a while, buy couldn't crack any skulls. Demonic war dog also died. I don't know if that relates somehow to the fact that my thug became possessed too - without the spell!

I'll go fast forward with this write up, since by now Necromancer teams had been wiping each other pretty much out. Necromancer #1 was still teasing my and Sigilist's fight in the middle with Crumble spell. I got three treasures off board in the end. Sigilists probably took four. I don't remember how treasures went between the Necromancers.


The thug. The Thug. The lowliest 20 gold coin soldier you can get.

He beat the ranger (or something like that) in front of him and attempted to come and help barbarian, who was still alive then. Barbarian died, but this bought time for The Thug to enter fight over there.

He killed the thief who was carrying treasure.

He was outnumbered and there were multiple supporters in fight against him. A crumble from Necromancer #1 fell somebody to the hole, though I forget who he was. Probably the archer in the upper picture. But whoever that brown guy in front of the hole is, was beaten to injured status by the thug. Finally Sigilist apprentice charges in to the thug, and fall to just one hit point remaining.

All this throughout multiple turns of combat. That thug was frenzying like no other.

Finally he fell, though. Furious Quill poked him in the eye and hampered his performance too much.

But respect the thug. And the dog.

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