Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Way too much to remember! (Gloom)

I was visiting friends in Oulu and Vaasa for about a week. I got to play a lot of different games, and I didn't have too much time to write the games up as they were played.

Well, luckily I got some pictures for Warmachine and some memo's about Talisman, but I also had Gloom with me.

Four games were played in total, and really... it's impossible to remember detailed stories what happened in the cruel and dark world of Gloom.

However, I'm trying to write something about them.

In Oulu I played two four player games with Unhappy Homes and Unwelcome Guests expansions.

First game had the Woeful Widow unwelcome guest, and later even that *%#* cat was unfashionably late from the party.

Families involved were the Blackwater Watch, Hemlock Hall, Artistes Le Canard Noir and the Malone Mob.

I have forgotten especially much from this game, but one very disturbing tale popped back into my mind. I would have rather forgotten that one.

Cousin Mordecai of Blackwater watch... I mean, the little kid... was seduced by a strumpet, and subsequently got married magnificiently. Once his bride died, he got married again.

Family of Hemlock Hall were the most victorious... I mean, the most miserable family of everyone involved.

Second game we had Artistes of Le Canard Noir, the Slogar Family, Malone Mob and Dark Dens of Deformity. We took two Unwelcome Guests in the second game, and they were Unhappy Holmes and the Poor Relations.

From this game I remember even less, except that the outcome was a draw between Malone Mob and Dark Dens of Deformity with 140 points each. That was the very first draw ever in my games of Gloom. I guess two families can live equally horrific lives, then.

Oh, except that there was quite an infighting in the circus for the place of ringmaster after Darius Dark died. The live members of circus were poisoning each other during Teatime Terror.

In Vaasa I got to play two games again, and they were three player games.

First game had Dark Dens of Deformity, Slogar family and the Hemlock Hall. Unhappy Holmes was the Unwelcome Guest of this game.

Samson O'Toole, the bearded man was trying to escape the law during whole game. That *(#¤ cat was unfashionably late again, this time for the circus. Darius Dark, the ringleader was first circus member to die, yet again. He took an overdose of morphine and disappeared into the fog, never to be found again.

Mr. Giggles, the skeletal clown was seduced by a strumpet, got married to her, but she died of disease during wedding ceremony. Whatever the disease was it took Mr. Giggles a few turns later.

Hemlock Hall scored a sad, sad victory in this game.

In the second game families were Artisted of Le Canard Noir, Hemlock Hall and Slogar family. That )@%& cat was the unwelcome guest this time.

It looked like Hemlock Hall would win yet again, because they got the cat and soon the cat was dead, and some other family member died miserably, too. Together they gave 95 points already.

Yucky things happened at the Slogar family. First the brains were boiled in a broth, and next the little Slogar kid fell ill from a foul meal... did she eat that broth? Well, doesn't really matter, since soon after she was eaten by bears. And, well, there is the teddy bear in Slogar family. I guess something went wrong in the tiny brain of the fluffy bear when beggars beat it earlier in the game. That's hars, faminished beggars taking their frustration to an innocent teddy. Though it wasn't innocent for long.

The naked model of the Artistes died early in the game, and, uh. That wasn't a pretty thing that happened there, either. The butler of Hemlock Hall turned out to have some special interest in Marie, and took off to foreign lands with her... late body.

Rousseau, the painter, made a career of painting some interesting pieces of art. First he was terrified of a special topiary he painted. Next he painted up some tigers, whose mere presence taunted him from the picture. Last but not least he painted a bog... and drowned there.

A bishop was a big fan of the androgynous actor Simon Simone and blessed him, and even gifted a dress for him. Bishop probably mistook the biological sex of Simon. Simon wasn't offended, though. On the very contrary, he found this dress to be a perfect chance to begin life anew. After all, at that point he was the last surviving member of his family. What a perfect time for a new identity. Simon was last seen on the coast.

This time it was Slogar family that won the game, and with that gorefest inside their family, I'm not too surprised.

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