Sunday, April 27, 2014

Terror Mission Specialists

Though I should be doing totally different things, I finished up two new additions for my X-Com Alien Plague faction for Deadzone.

Muton with heavy plasma shall be Stage 3A HMG specialist. Initially it felt a little wrong... the most powerful assault weapon in Ufo Enemy Unknown as a fire support weapon in Deadzone?

But the alien arsenal is so limited in original game that there was little choice. However I figured that Mutons aren't the most accurate race, so their heavy plasma might in fact function more as a fire support. Another alien race with heavy plasma can be some other weapon for Plague units if there's need in the future.

Celatid was pretty easy sculpt. I'm not entirely happy with the paintjob, though, since I feel I left it a little too purple. Should be more pink.

Celatid shall use the rules for plague swarm. I added the extra bits from one of the Stage 2A's to the Celatid, because the base would have looked very empty without all the little critters from actual plague swarm model.

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