Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sirgoyle attack (Touch of Evil)

A friend paid a surprise visit.

We often play A Touch of Evil with this particular friend, and, well, this visit was no different.

First day we played two games, and we cherry picked the villains. First game was against the Siren, and second was against the Gargoyle. They were the only villains that had no recorded plays in this blog.

Harlow Morgan, the inventor and Lucy Hanbrook were the heroes who found themselves battling against the irresistible lure of siren's song.

Harpies were rather annoying, but started to go down rather easily when Lucy got Combat stat of 3.

Harlow Morgan was being badly harassed by the harpies, and things didn't go in any better direction when a lycanthrope bit him. He did finally manage to get off with the curse, but being constantly knocked down and paying up the 6 investigation points to Doctor Manning for performing a curse surgery gave him next to no character progression.

Also the villain didn't have any kind of mechanic that would have created discard piles, so he could transform an old map and healing herbs into, say, a musket.

Lucy Hanbrook found The Book of Darkness from Lighthouse, which was quite a game-changing item for a hero that regenerates.

When the showdown finally started (with Shadow Track being on 2) Lucy had, what, 10 wounds.

Neither hero could amass a huge amount of Fight Dice, and there where what... six evil elders? Against just about any other villain the 10 wounds might have been enough to desperately win the final battle. However, when the villain rolls 19 dice against you ten wounds are not enough.

Heroes did manage to kill all evil elders and even brought the Siren to some 7-8 wounds remaining, but really... that wasn't even a close one.

A honourable "wtf" mention goes to a random jerk, who stumbled into the showdown and challenged Harlow Morgan into duel of honour. I mean... really? We're fighting a supernatural villain here, could you just wait a little with that duel, please?

Game 2:

Second game was against Gargoyle, and heroes were the overpowered Karl, the soldier and Eliza, the witch hunter.

Punching through the swathes of Gargoyle's minions was a piece of cake for Karl. Eliza had a bit worse luck, but still overall heroes were rocking whatever the Gargoyle was able to throw at them. But seems there was an even greater threat than that of Gargoyle. Order of the Crimson Hand absolutely brutalised the game of heroes.

There were a total of 3 Order's Influence cards in play, and all of them were drawn early in the game. One was where Reverend Harding was influenced - every time hero stopped in a town location, on 1-2 order of the crimson hand would attack him or her. Mayor Carver was being influenced, too, and all town items cost an additional 2 investigation. And last, but not least, in fact the most game-changing influence was that of Jessica, the widow.

Whenever any source would move the Shadow Track, it would move one additional step to the same direction.

Karl and Eliza didn't even get to start a Showdown. One more turn and they would have, but, still, game ended in Shadow Track dropping below 0.

(as a side note, there were quite a few other Remains In Play cards on the board, too, but none as crippling as those. Except, well, The Hour Is Late, but that one heroes were able to get rid of. Screw you, mystery deck!)

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