Friday, April 25, 2014

Peaceful Bog Fiend and Campaign Rules

So, in last Touch of Evil blog post I mentioned that we started a two player campaign of sorts.

Rules are thus:

Goal of the campaign is to beat every single villain.

Additional rules:
- Villain can be chosen, it is not randomised.
- Once a particular Villain is defeated, it remains dead and cannot be played again during campaign play.
- When Heroes defeat a Villain, they gain 1 Investigation point out of the game. These Investigation points are stored, and there is no upper limit in how many can be stored. This Investigation point may be used in two ways:
1) A starting hero takes it to his or her starting investigation.
2) It is used for both players to draw two Heroes and choose which one to use against the chosen Villain.
- If the Villain is victorious, Heroes used in that game suffer a horrible death and may not be used again during campaign.

Personally I dislike most rules that alter the actual game rules, so I'm quite happy about these campaign rules. The only way it alters actual in-game mechanics is if Heroes choose to take additional starting Investigation. Other rules affect only which Heroes are available and how they are chosen. Even those effects aren't amazing, but might give a slight chance against such Villains as Necromancer that are insanely difficult with only two players.

Anyway, here is a very brief first campaign game (well, it was posthumously declared as a campaign game, since it was only after this game that we started to wonder if there might be any sort of light campaign rules easily written down)

Game 1:

Maria de la Rosa & Liliana, the lost soul vs Bog Fiend.

This game was rather weird. Bog Fiend seemed rather teethless, but so did the Heroes. It felt more like a game of Heroes vs Remains in Play. And when I think of it, three expansion maps dilute the power of Bog Fiend and Unspeakable Horror, as the locations where Swamps and Rituals are spawned are much more abundant.

Anyway, Maria de la Rosa seemed to gain a huge number of Wound markers from various sources, and Liliana found the Book of Darkness. Maria didn't get much Fight Dice, but Liliana managed to get her Spirit stat to somewhere around 8. She also got the Remains in Play event that made any 1's rolled hits against minions, and two hits against Beasts and Vampires. Bog Fiend was a Beast.

Very late in the game Heroes started to get quite unlucky in starting Showdown in a timely manner. Well... this didn't matter too much, as a Suprise Showdown was rolled from Cooperative Mystery Chart.

This was probably the first time ever when Heroes won the whole game in a surprise showdown. And on top of that... they won in one round.

Liliana, the lost soul had an item that let her re-roll any failed Spirit checks one per Fight round. And then she also had that Event card that made the 1's as two hits against Bog Fiend. Dice were rolled, and for Liliana, they just kept rolling. It was a very anti-climatic ending, and there is no other way to interpret this except that Bog Fiend was pacifist all the way, and approached Heroes to propose some sort of agreement or compromiss for peaceful mutual existence. And that's when Heroes set the fish-guy on fire.

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