Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beat them down (A Touch of Evil)

We continued our Touch of Evil streak with playing against the Necromancer, who is probably the most dreaded villain for two players cooperative mode.

This game was just like all the other Necromancer games - players were facing a huge pressure all of the time, and slowly succumbed to the never ending wave of zombies.

Heroes we had were Argot Blackwell, the master hunter and Anne-Marie, the school teacher.

Maybe there could have been a little chance, if zombies weren't rolling at least one six in every single god damn fight round.

Zombies denied any possibility for Anne-Marie to try and find any book items, and zombies were lowering shadow track pretty steadily, despite all efforts to punch them in the face. A total of four Corner Location cards were drawn during whole game, and one of them was the "collapse" from Abandoned Keep that forced Argot Blackwell to take some damage and draw another card.

Maybe one day Necromancer will fall... but that day was not today.

Next we started playing a sort of campaign, and those games will be referenced a little later.

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