Friday, December 13, 2013

Power Boost my brain next, Warwitch Siren

Tuesday I played Warmachine again with the same opponent who played last game.

This time we randomised a scenario which proved to be Rally Point.

I continued playing Cryx, and my 25 point list was:

Iron Lich Asphyxious
- Erebus
- Nightwretch
- Nightwretch
- Cankerworm

Minimum unit of Bile Thralls
Warwitch Siren
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall

Opponent had:

Stryker1 (I still don't remember the title...)
- Lancer

Journeyman Warcaster
- Ironclad

Black 13th
Minimum unit of Storm Lances
Reinholdt the gobber speculator

Again there are some proxies in the pictures. Nemo is Stryker's journeyman warcaster (how wrong is that, fluffwise?) Mechanic unit leader is Reinholdt and a gobber mechanic is Squire. Black 13th is formed from Caine the Ryan, and Watts & Lynch, the Long Gunners.

Cryx started second, and first picture is from the end of Cygnar's turn 2. Thus far Cankerworm took a horrible damage roll from a non-charging Storm Lance, and the ranged attack from another Storm Lance killed a Scrap Thrall, and ensuing electro leap took Necrotech with it. B13 took over half damage boxes away from Erebus, though no systems went down yet.

That was a bad start. Really bad.

Next turn I try to take out the Storm Lances by giving Cankerworm two focus and casting Parasite on the cavalry unit.

Cankerworm obviously misses the first attack, but buy another one and kills one Storm Lance. Sadly that could have easily been two. Well, then Cankerworm tries to advance with affinity from Asphyxious to engage Lancer, but 6" movement wasn't just enough.

Warwitch Siren gives Power Booster to Erebus, who then runs to engage B13. Erebus tried to run so that Ironclad wouldn't be able to charge it, but next turn I learned that B13 has Gunfighter. So Erebus pretty much ran just to kill itself.

Except this time around Black 13th didn't roll so exceptionally high damage rolls, and only a few damage rolls exceeded armour. Ironclad ran right next to Erebus. Stryker then activated, advanced, shot the Nightwretch with the disruption pistol and used his feat. Lancer & Storm Lances try to wither Cankerworm away, but the pesky thing loses only its head (the armor piercing attack).

Ring you see in picture is Mage Storm from Cryan.

Next turn pretty much all I tried failed.

Erebus took its two tries against Black 13th, but missed both. Cankerworm hit the Storm Lance, but did only two points in. Storm Lance on the hill actually died to Hellfire either from Asphyxious or Skarlock.

Asphyxious missed the Storm Lance in melee, but I still thought that a bile thrall could come and Purge it away. So Asphyxious used his feat and teleported to enemy zone. The bile thrall in question looked like it was short from Purge range, so I decided to use he spray attack instead. Well, now. RAT 3 missed, what a suprise. To my consolence yeah, the bile thrall was out of purge range.

Well it was desperate plan anyway, but still it wasn't too absurd. I could have started dominating on that turn.

Next turn Ironclad downs Erebus in two hits.

Black 13th don't overperfom because one of them misses an attack against Nightwretch. It still has arc node intact. However... Stryker activates, walks up, casts Earthquake and shoots the wretch. Damage roll is quite poor and it still has arc node, but the bonejack is disrupted and knocked down. Not a good thing, really.

Much to my amazement Cankerworm survived a charge from Lancer and initial attacks from the lone Lancer. With one damage box remaining in Movement system. That hilariousness stays for quite a while...

Anyway, it could have been a lot worse. And I saw actually a pretty decent opportunity to kill Stryker.

Nightwretch on the hill runs as far as it only can, and then Asphyxious casts Breath of Corruption on Reinholdt, who was standing right next to Stryker. Stryker takes some 8 points of damage. Rest of focus go into beating up Lancer, but not much is done.

Then two bile thralls walk as far as possible. One purge deals a few damage points, but the last purge is just out of range. Damn.

Oh, and Cankerworm manages to kill the Storm Lance. Finally.

Then Cygnar shoots Warwitch Siren, and Stryker himself charges and puts the disrupted Nightwretch out from misery. Lancer scored only one decent hit against Asphyxios.

The lone Stormsmith tries to disrupt the last Nightwretch, but I lucked out when he failed the skill check.

So now I had yet another chance to kill Stryker! Awesome!

Nightwretch advances as far as possible, and then Asphyxious advances and casts two Breath of Corruptions on Stryker. The damage rolls weren't too good, and Stryker is still left standing with 4 hit boxes remaining. Looks like I forgot to take a picture from this turn, but you can all see the Nightwretch's wreck on which Stryker is triumphantly standing. Damn. Did the poster boy really destroy two of my arcnodes by himself?

Black 13th shoot Skarlock, and when it's my turn again I only have Asphyxious with about half damage boxes remaining and Cankerworm with only one damage box. The bonejack had survived all these turns.

I was so severely outnumbered, that I attempted final, desperate assassination.

Asphyxious charged stormsmith (missed, how else) and there was now a couple of options. Either I cast a fully boosted Hellfire at Stryker (one chance, needed to roll 13+ to hit) or two Breath of Corruptions (two 33% chances to hit by deviating only 1-2 inches).

I chose the Breath of Corruption way, but neither spell hit.

Next turn Asphyxious was standing all alone against the whole enemy army.

Ironclad attacked Asphyxious and even with full hit boxes it would have one-hitted Asphyxious. Ouch.

Looking back at the game I think I should have sacrificed one Nightwretch to kill Ryan and the other guy from Black 13h with a Breath of Corruption, but I wasn't entirely sure if 3" template would cover both of them. Probably yes. I was thinking that I need to get rid of Storm Lances quite fast, because they'd be a hard and mobile nut to crack on Stryker's feat turn. Black 13th would still die to a boosted Breath of Corruption. Before I got there, however, my arc nodes started getting disrupted. And I actually realise now when I'm writing this that, heh.. yeah.


Warwitch Siren knows how to take disruption away. I'm such a fool.

Anyway, a really close game again.

I believe next I will be playing Skorne.

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