Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I hate my life and want (my family members) to die

It's been a while since I bought any new games.

Yesterday, however, such a thing happened.

I've disliked actual card games for some time now (I'm a sucker for all kinds of tiny bits in games, and while cards can be part of a game, I don't like it too much when they are the game) but now I bought one.

I got the basic set for Gloom. The goal in Gloom is to make life as miserable as possible for the members of your in-game family before they finally die, and at the same time try to make other players' in-game families as cheerful as possible.

Such a disturbed goal for a game was enough for me to win my distrust of card games.

Oh boy. I can't wait for the loved and loyal family dog to die of consumption.


  1. Oh my, didn't know that you disliked pure card games also. Anyway, with Miia we've been intigrued about Gloom for quite some time now so be ware that you already have people willing to play it, (next year?)

    Loved the heading btw, thought that you have actually problems with your family :D


  2. There are exceptions to the rule. For example the card edition of Space Hulk was quite entertaining, and that was probably because the cards pretty much functioned as playing pieces. So in other words, card games that shake up the usual card game play can be fun to play.

    But yeah, we played Gloom here once already, and it was very macabre and yet tragic indeed, except things went a bit weird when the dog became politically active...