Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bye Bye Titan got to do its trick

Before coming to visit my family I played a couple of Warmachine games, and here is one of those.

As I knew I was playing against Cygnar, I wanted to fill "every warlock and warcaster having played against Cygnar" achievement, so I took Skorne, and my list was (a 25 point game):

Lord Tyrant Hexeris
- Bronzeback Titan
- Basilisk Drake
- Basilisk Krea

Maximum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Beast Handlers
Totem Hunter

And opponent was trying out a new warcaster, that turned out to be Nemo1. So that wasn't really the best match-up for Nemo.

Anyway, opponent had:

- Ironclad
- Lancer

Black 13th
Junior Warcaster
- Charger
3x Stormsmiths
Arlan Strangewayes

All of that was quite unexpected, and even if I was playing Hordes against pNemo, at least I wouldn't be able to get a huge mileage out of Lord Tyrant's feat.

I think Skorne started the game, and first picture is taken from the end of Skorne turn 2. Lancer has the +2 damage roll spell on it and Ironclad has Arcane Shield from junior warcaster. Basilisk Krea had Soul Slave from the Skorne side of things, and Praetorian Swordsmen had Death March on.

The big AoE on Totem Hunter is the arcane sight template from one of the B13th which scattered exactly above its target, removing stealth and everything. Another one of B13th took a Snipe shot against it, but luckily it didn't die.

Next turn Charger took a shot at Bronzeback Titan, and then Lancer with 5 focus charged Bronzeback Titan. I wasn't sure what to expect out of all of this, but in any case damage rolls should've been excessive to harm Bronzeback in any fatal way. Well, they weren't excessive. In fact they sucked. I guess this was the biggest single thing that mattered during whole game.

Black 13th finish Totem Hunter and damage basilisk Drake, and Ironclad advances mid-field.

On my next turn Bronzeback wrecked both the Charger and Lancer, and if it hadn't rolled so high damage against Lancer, it could have gone and whack Ironclad, too, all this thanks to Train Wreck (that was cast on the Bronzeback via Hexeris).

Bronzeback was in quite bad position there, though. Ironclad could easily charge it next turn. Praetorian Swordsmen charged against Ironclad, and five of them could go into base to base contact with the warjack. That meant ten attacks with MAT 8. Hammer was what needed to go down for Bronzeback to survive, so all of the praetorians did one automatic point of damage. All of them managed to hit Ironclad, so the hammer was gone. Take that, Nihilators! This was a thing you couldn't have succeeded in.

Basilisk Drake manages to spray one of the Black 13th member away.

My achilles heel is usually leaving my warcaster way too vulnerable to such things as Trample. This time I remembered to block that option from opponent, but now when I look at the picture in some other situation Hexeris would be asking to getting slammed. I'd like to say that "I saw no threat in placing swordsmen to protect Hexeris thus, because in given situation there was no models capable of slamming them to Hexeris" but the truth here is... I didn't even consider and/or remember the existence of a Slam power attack.

Anyway. Nemo did what he could - he cast Chain Lightning on praetorian swordsmen that I had for some clever reason (= no reasoning behind it at all) moved out of the protection of melee. This and Ironclad itself cleared quite a bit of the swordsmen.

Arlan Strangewayes attempted to run to Ironclad so that he might possibly fix the warjack next turn after Bronzeback had mauled it. It turned out that Bronzeback mauled Arlan with a counter-charge.

Nemo used his feat during this turn, and if I remember right it dealt only a couple of points to basilisk Drake, and double 6's to either basilisk Krea or the Bronzeback.

Next it was Skorne's turn, and Cygnar lost pretty much all other models except Nemo.

Game ended in scenario victory for Skorne.

Bronzeback really was the king of this game - it suprised even me how one-sided the game turned out to be, thanks to the contributions made by the beast.

Overall it was quite tough match-up for Nemo. But at least the old guy survived without any broken bones.

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