Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Beautiful Dream (A Touch of Evil)

On Monday we played yet another game of A Touch of Evil.

This time we were against Dreamweaver, and heroes who were facing her were Frederic Léon, the foreign diplomat and Brother Marcus.

The wimpy minions of Dreamweaver were major cash cows for both heroes. A huge abundance of Shadow Beasts made it sure that heroes had very few Sleepless tokens. I think the maximum number of Sleepless tokens for any hero was 4 during this game.

Huge amount of Investigation was particularly nice for these two heroes who both had ways of spending them outside of town shop. Brother Marcus succeeded in avoiding a few horrible Mystery cards (Something Wicked was the worst, hands up or down or in any direction) and Frederic Léon's Intrigue ability gave the team a disturbing amount of Event cards.

Luckily this time there was no rule that gave Villain bonuses from hero knock outs... Brother Marcus was severely beaten in a regular basis by Sandmen and Shadow Beasts. Because both Minion types were moving every turn on the board the situation went pretty much so that Brother Marcus took care of the village by the coast, and Frederic Léon was facing the nightmares of Shadowbrook.

At one point quite early in game we were actually both knocked out at the same turn. Technically that would mean a loss for Heroes in a cooperative play, but since there was a recommendation even in the rulebook that when playing with only 2 heroes that lose condition would better be left out. So we continued.

And what a struggle it was! Late in the game Frederic got "If I just could reach..." card and took Captain's Logbook from Shipwreck discard pile. The amazing thing in that item is that at the start of every hero turn Frederic would draw an event. That combined with Frederic's Intrigue formed into a really respectable deck of Events.

However our worst enemy, the Shadow Track, did its thing again. First it was just there somewhere in the middle stage... and then, out of nowhere, in the last red stage.

Luckily by this time Brother Marcus had ventured to Echo Lake map, trying to buy Oath of Devotion. Lair card that was bought showed that Dreamweaver resided at the Inn. Wow... I just realised we had twice in a row the same Lair at showdown. I wonder if the inn at Echo Lake is a meeting point for supernatural villains...?

Probably last possible turn dawned on Heroes (Shadow Track was at 1) so Brother Marcus, unhealed and non-vowed had to rush to Inn and start a showdown.

Well, it succeeded, despite there being Evil Is On The Move card in effect (cancel Lair card on 5+)

Only three Elders were evil elders and two Village Elders had amazing secrets (Inner Strenght on Reverend Harding or Magistrate Kroft) and a new secret from The Coast, the one that gave +2 cunning & combat and gave Event card in between Showdown fight rounds, and it was on Sophie the Midwife.

Heroes had a thundering first round of combat, and Dreamweaver herself had a really poor one. However, Dreamweaver had 11 Fight Dice.

After second round Brother Marcus went down. After all he had started showdown with only one wound remaining.

Frederic Léon managed to get over 10 Fight Dice on multiple rounds, but finally he got only 9 per attack. Dreamweaver had only 6 wounds remaining on herself when Frederic rolled his second last attack. Only two hits. Last Knocked Away or "You go first!" was played and Frederic had to score 5+ four times on 9 dice.

And there they were, exactly 4 successes.

I don't think we rolled the last attack for Dreamweaver, but by then she too had 9 fight dice and Frederic had only one wound and his personal militia remaining. It's a shame, actually, that we didn't roll the attack. Would have been curious to know if both heroes died in the desperate fight against the Queen of Nightmares.

Anyway, it was a victory for Heroes.

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