Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Curses and Screams (A Touch of Evil)

I had a friend visiting me for a few days, and eventually we ended up playing board games.

We played A Touch of Evil on Saturday and Sunday.

First game was against the Sunken Seven.

Characters were Argot Blackwell and Captain Hawkins.

Sunken Seven was a very different villain to fight against, and I guess that's always good. We were, however, terribly unlucky because after a couple of March of Darkness and such the board had maximum number of haunted markers already, which in turn lowered Shadow Track way too fast.

I was a bit unsure how a few rules would play out with weird villain like this. The only minion spawn result from villain sheet was tagged as Event/Minion, which made me wonder how it would react to various results. We played so that both tags would trigger the result.

During whole game we killed The Outcast twice and The Innocent once. Also one Drowned Dead was spawned during the game, so Argot and Captain Hawkins were quite starved of Investigation Points.

We got a few good items and almost no event cards when Shadow Track started to approach red zones. Realising we had no time to build up, well, anything, we tried to start a Showdown.

Alas, it was not to be. Shadow Track took a few "drop D3" effects in and game was over in the loss of Heroes.

Game 2:

On Sunday our adversary was the Banshee.

Heroes who were fighting her were the Scarlet Shadow and Sara, the Bright Witch.

One thing we did good: Villain gained a +1 wound marker every time a hero was knocked down. Only Scarlet Shadow was knocked down once.

Somehow it just happened that Sara could not move out of the Shadowbrook Village. If I remember right she visited Manor maybe twice and Abandoned Keep once, other than that she was just visiting different offices and church to train her spirit. Random fights with Minions kept her having damage on, so she had to run to the doctor all the time.

Scarlet Shadow was visiting the Coast and gained some amazing items from locations in there.

Again, however, Shadow Track went crazy. We started to plan on starting Showdown in about 3 turns when Shadow Track was still in 6-7. Just after one round it was down to 3 or so, and nobody was even close to the area where Villain resided (The Inn).

However, the game did us a favor when someone rolled double 1's on the Cooperative Mystery Phase Chart. Had that not happened, we couldn't have started a showdown for sure...

We did quite good in the showdown. We had a couple of important event cards (thanks to Sara farming them in town) such as "You go first!" and Knocked Away. We actually had a decent chance of winning, but alas, dice weren't with us. After a furios struggle the Banshee was left standing with three wounds remaining, and both Heroes were dead.

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