Monday, October 7, 2013

Language Barrier (Smallworld)


I know I can express myself somewhat well in English language. At least if I'm given the time.

However... things become a bit complicated when you have to explain rules of a game in an understandable manner without your native language to another person in a language, that isn't that persons native language either!

This was the set-up of a 4 player game of Smallworld a little while ago.

At first things really seemed a little desperate, but luckily this game is much easier to play than to explain. Telling by example works quite nicely in Smallworld.

Trying to keep everyone constantly updated with plethoras of new rules was so hectic, however, that I didn't really have time to keep as detailed notes about this game as I usually try to do. I didn't, for example, get to write down the race combos used. I remember that Commando Barbarians were quite force to reckon with, and the early game was dominated with Pixies and Orcs beating the crap out of each other.

Final scoreboard was: 92, 82, 80 and something. That, however, doesn't tell anything since the scores can't be associated with the race combos used.

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