Sunday, June 10, 2012

When Frying Pan Comes

Today I played a game of When Darkness Comes.

It was with a new player who had no previous experience with this game, so I thought it'd be best to play the introductory scenario first. "Out of the Frying Pan" being its name, if memory serves.

I created a new character, who was dodgy and attacky as hell, but had really lame Intelligence, Persuasion and Medical as a result. Funnily enough the other player had created character, who was also speedy and had as bad defensive statistics as mine. There was some potential for interesting game here.

Main difference was, however, that my character had Attack 4 + 2 dice from martial combat, when his character had base attack 2. He had in intelligence what my character had in attack.

With this we started to hack and slash zombies.

We used the D12 house rule thingy, which in this scenario meant that every 12th turn all players got a failure token from the rising suspicions of townsfolk.

Game went fine and nobody died. Higher Speed statistics seems to actually be a nice assett when running away from too tough enemies. With earlier characters this has rarely been an option, but now with both characters at Speed 4 it was something that could be relied on, though both characters had only Defense/Health 3.

Hopefully we will get some new games in soon, I'd really want to test some totally new scenarios from expansions.

Oh, Rick won and my character lost the scenario, Rick gaining 2 skill points and a statistics rise, while I got only one skill point.

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