Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer games

Oh no.

This blog is starting to look like a big neurosis or obsessive-compulsory disorder.

Yesterday I came to Kajaani and met up some friends there. We had a couple of hours to spend, and we ended playing some of these summer time outdoor games with four players.

They're not miniature games nor are they board games or anything like that, but still, they're not computer games either. So somehow I feel obliged to list them up here.

So, please bear with me, heh.

First we played two games of Mölkky. It was first time ever me playing this game. You throw a wooden block against some other block a few metres away and score points on how you make them fall.

Since the style you throw the wooden block is free, I invented my own. Somehow it felt easier to throw the block like it was a pub dart. Other players kinda laughed at it, but it soon became clear that if I tried any other way, I missed completely and horribly anything I tried to aim at.

In first game I came second, and in last game I had a shared victory. Thanks to my dart technique.

Then we played Croquet.

Aw hell, it feels so awkward to write up these things, but I'm sure that in the long run I will be grateful for the data I've left behind!

And about the Croquet, yeah. It was fun, too, since we played on a field with somewhat tall grass. Needless to say, even the best of hits rolled the ball only so far.

I guess with these experiences I can say the same I've been saying for a long time now. With right party, it is possible to enjoy almost any game.

My personal "almost" being games that test either reaction speed or where you must act too fast or talk a lot. I dislike actual person-to-person social interaction in games. But to each their own.

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