Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Sister Mary, hail Mary, hail Mary" (Arkham Horror)

So, today I got to play Arkham Horror.

We had three investigators that we chose in the beginning and then randomised the Elder God. All players were rather newbies when it came to Arkham Horror, and we didn't have any expansions in play. So this was my first play of the base game.

I have always wanted to be a nun (uh... what?), so I chose Sister Mary. Other investigators were Pete the Drifter and Darrel Simmons, the photographer. Elder God was randomised as Nyarlathotep.

Sister Mary didn't show her best performance, because during first upkeep she rolled 1 for Blessing. And first round she went to Witch House and lost sanity when she started to hear the building itself whisper her name. She did get two awesome spells though, but because she started to lose sanity very rapidly, they were not of much use.

Investigators managed to close a huge number of gates, but only two of them were actually sealed during game. One of the places was The Woods where a gate was sealed. This proved to be a game-saver, since about four gates tried to open themselves there after sealing.

Anyway, game was suprisingly easy because everyone got a little bit too much Clue tokens and all characters had good enough Lore (which was important against Nyarlathotep). Of course Daniel Simmons was lucky, too, when he got the magic sword with +6 to combat checks from the beginning.

No investigators were devoured, but also no investigator had less than 5 clue tokens when Nyarlathotep was awaken from its slumber.

I try to do some update thingy on statistics now. I wonder if I need to do a separate statistics sheet for Arkham soon now, if I start to get games in more often.

Games played: 3
Abhoth (1)
Yibb-Tstll (1)
Nyarlathotep (0)
Investigators: (1)

Investigators seen on board:
Bob Jenkins (1)
Ursula Downs (1)
Roland Banks (1)
Sister Mary the Nun (1)
Darrel Simmons the Photographer (1)
Pete the Drifter (1)
Dexter Drake the Magician (1)
Rita Young the Athlete (1)

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