Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Tauloks Come

Okies, today we played another game of When Darkness Comes.

Lately it's been the only game I've been able to play, really. But that should be fixed soon enough as I will have a lot more free time at my disposal.

Anyway, we played the Brain Freeze scenario where the players hunt invisible tauloks that they can see when they have drank enough of Lilly's Special Drink. Go figure.

This scenario was nice in that there was a slight timing pressure from Lilly's drink, which rewarded the Speed stat for a change. But to make Speed stat truly shine we used a home-brew rule for this scenario that followed the 12-sided die I introduced in last game. The idea in using a 12-sided die was that it goes down one number at the end of every round, and once it drops below 1 it is turned back to 12 and something "bad" happens.

In this game, when the die first time drops below 1, dusk/light rain Line of Sight effect takes place. If the die drops a second time below 1, it becomes a full night/heavy rain.

Well, about the game itself.

My team member got the ball rolling real quick - well, her character's lucky number happened to be 4. My lucky number was 6, which was probably the worst lucky number around. In fact, her character had already killed and returned two tauloks all the while my character was trying to climb through windows and open doors with zero victory points.

In fact, had not a lucky WooHoo -table rolled a random item for my character (a knife from the other player) I think I wouldn't have gotten any kills during the whole game.

After getting that, however, my dear little character was able to beat up one measly taulok and return it to Lilly, managing to get just over 10 victory points to get at least a little character advancement.

Next, as the person we've been playing When Darkness Comes with is going to move away in a couple of months, we're going to play the scenario "The Enemy of my Enemy" next where you have to kill both Mega-Adversary and after that dismantle a tough bomb, where the bomb will explode and kill everyone if it's not taken care of soon enough.

That scenario will be a fine ending, and looks like it's challenging enough so that it doesn't need any additional 12-sided die. Maybe.

Ah well, I'm tired and writing erratically. Better go to sleep now.

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