Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Night of the Scarecrow (Touch of Evil)

Next we were against the Scarecrow.

And I learned a thing or two about karma.

We got Captain Hawkins and Eliza, the witch hunter as characters. Which was a filmatic pairing, again. Honorable and noble infantry commander and a cruel "end-justifies-means" inquisitor meet, and though they may not agree about the methods, they have to play along to win this supernatural threat.

Ah well. I said that Scarecrow was a weird villain with powerful abilities, but who seemed to go down way too easily in the end.

I guess Scarecrow got all insulted about this, because within just first few rounds it had got three Remains in Play mystery cards that added to its strenght.

Also, every second Mystery Card was Murder! that happened to spawn crows. And we rolled quite a many times Murder... murder! from the cooperative chart that just happened to spawn crows...

Also Lies and Deceit ran rampant. Until the end of game all town elders got a third secret from Lies and Deceit, so all of their secrets were revealed. Five out of six town elders were on the villain's side, two of them having the Darkest Secret. Only Doctor Manning was cool with us, except even he was a voyerist, drunk coward.

And, on top of all this, our witch hunter of questionable morals was possessed by a demon herself. A bit ironic, really.

We didn't even get to fight in a showdown, because shadow track started to shrink so rapidly, thanks to the Remains in Play card "The Horror".

But in the end we counted that the villain would have fought with 17 fight dice and had 24 wounds.

Never under estimate the villains. Rather, make them underestimate you.

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