Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saving Elaine Bartlett (Touch of Evil)

So now I'm getting in games I guess. I'm visiting my friend at Oulu.

We originally made a bet back in 2009, with the loser needing to visit the winner. The bet was that would Privateer Press change Harbinger's Rebuke. I said no, they http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifwouldn't. He said yes, they would. Well, the thought that they would ditch the spell completely didn't come across my mind so... I needed to make a visit.

Paying that debt waited for quite a long time.


Yesterday we played two Touch of Evil games, which were both pretty entertaining.

First we were up against the new web exclusive villain that you can download from Flying Frog's website, The Shadow Witch, ghost of Elaine Bartlett.

Heroes were randomised and we got Brother Marcus and Victor Danforth, the playwright, both of them who were boasting with a Combat rating of 1.

Luckily many of Elaine's minions were to be fought against with Spirit, which was pretty high for Victor.

Elaine was nice villain. There seemed to be some kind of story in hunting her, the clues about her past were a really nice touch. Also Solomon, the cat, was telling his own story. The times were countless where Solomon came to watch mysteriously at a space where a hero was standing, but it crossed players only a couple of times. Also Solomon lead the heroes to the Olde Woods, where final confrontation was made.

Anyway, it seemed that Brother Marcus was more efficient in tracking down what really happened. Victor was... ahem... distracted by poetic ambitions.

Shadow track did not move at all for a long, long time. It was pretty curious, actually, how easily the game seemed to progress until all clues were found. Then, suddenly, BOOMF. Two Shadow Spectres were spawned in far-away locations, which meant that three Mystery Cards were drawn every round. Which was way too much.

After an epic battle (I should say that most interesting and epic battle of all current Touch of Evil games - Elaine lost assets as fast as heroes, as there was Sophie, the Midwife in hunting party who removed Remains In Play mystery cards slowly but steadily) the Witch was finally laid to rest and her vengeful spirit calmed down.

But next we were against... Crows. Hitchcock would have loved that.

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