Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blog Fiend (Touch of Evil)

Today we finished wrapping up our Touch of Evil sessions.

We played against the Bog Fiend, and our characters were Karl, the Soldier and Isabella von Took. We were depressed, because we both agreed that both of them are the most overpowered characters in the game, and we both wanted a good challenge.

But, well. We didn't really know what was waiting us.

First of all, Isabella's wound ignoring ability wasn't all that good because mosquito swarms made heroes lose investigation points. And you fight mosquito swarms with Cunning, which isn't the best asset of Karl.

We were self-confident and pompous as Karl managed to find a book that gave him +2 cunning and book of medicine that made him able to heal people even in between showdown fight rounds.

Even when Isabella was possessed by a demon (again...!) it was not big enough a threat for the superman ego of the two overpowered character.

Only when shadow track started to fall rapidly (thanks to The Hour is Late -card) did the heroes think of starting the showdown.

Leisurely they trekked to Covered Bridge and started the showdown (okay, it wasn't all that easy - there was a real hurry, and first attempt at trying to start Showdown was failed because of the remains-in-play card Evil is on the move)

They lobbed blackpowder bombs at the bog fiend and hacked and slashed evil elders down like they were grass, and the bog fiend even with his mighty 13 dice couldn't hack them down.


Neither could heroes kill Bog fiend because of its regeneration ability.

Soon Karl ran out of blackpowder bombs.

Eventually Magistrate Kroft was killed and combat items knocked away.

And Bog fiend just regenerated and regenerated... Most lowest wound count for Bog Fiend was 5, but at that moment Karl was fighting with 5 fight dice and Isabella with 4 or something like that. After that heroes couldn't keep on getting enough wounds in and bog fiend started regenerating more than what was done to it.

So, the mighty pair of Isabella and Karl was slaughtered, never to be said "they will beat anything" again.

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