Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Settlement 2, Lantern Years 9-11

I'm relatively angry right now, or I could be if I had the tendency to be angry about things.

I had this long post for Lantern Years 9-11 where I went and copied a batch of text to make a new draft. I closed the draft and blogger told me I had unsaved progress that would be lost. Since I hadn't done any modifications, I thought I might discard them.

Well, Blogger deleted entire draft.

Luckily the copied part was inventory. But still... those juicy details how exciting fight against King's Man was. All gone now. The way I triumphed over a level 2 White Lion that attacked me in place of level 1 Screaming Antelope. All gone now. Thank you, Blogger software.

To make somewhat of a recap: everybody else died except for Accunaicus, who received King's Curse. I lost Butcher's Cleaver, and later when Accunaicus was recovering from something I lost Lantern Halberd too to the level 2 white lion. The Hand came and rolled 4, instead of 5-7, and made me lose all my hard earned resources.

In some hunt phase a survivor switched places with a statue.

Erm. What else.

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