Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Scaverous vs Xerxis1

A somewhat traditional Warmachine/Hordes game from Ropecon against a particular friend.

My list was:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
- Defiler
- Erebus
- Nightmare
- Ripjaw

Iron Lich Overseer
- Leviathan
Warwitch Siren
Satyxis Raiders (max)
- Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
The Withershadow Combine

Opponent had:

Tyrant Xerxis
- Tiberion
- Titan Gladiator
Tyrant Zaadesh
- 2x Cyclops Brute
Cataphract Cetrati (max)
Legends of Halaak
Nihilators (max)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)

Scenario was Breakdown. I started game.

I had absolutely no idea what I should be doing, so I tried to jam enemy a little with Satyxis Raiders - so that I would lose just the unit, not warjacks.

But I did lose the whole unit and Erebus. And then opponent used feat, too. The threat range of Tiberion is scary in this list, and now opponent was pretty much unassailable because of the defensive bonuses.

Well, Skorne wasn't the only one in this match who could threat with scary ranges.

Scaverous used feat, cast Telekinesis on Nightmare and charged Tiberion. There he cast Telekinesis on Xerxis and put Icy Grip on him, too. With last remaining focus he cleared a line of sight for Leviathan to Xerxis.

It was a cheap victory, but only one I could have even attempted.

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