Monday, December 26, 2016

Trial By Toadification

First time in a great while I got to play a game of Talisman.

Sure, it was two players only, but still this is a rare, exhausting and mind-numbing 'treat.'

We used Lands of Wonder revealed ending, Cataclysm board with Harbinger. Grim Reaper and Werewolf were there too, as well as Woodlands and Dungeon extra boards. Day and night. Prophecy was Stars Align.

Initial characters were Warlord and Leprechaun.

Warlord (me) had astonishing start with +2 Strength points on second turn from those long lost relic cards. But that was the extent of my luck. Warlord had a streak of terrible luck and somehow managed to die. I got Gladiator next. Amusing, as both characters were Follower-abusers. I had the questionable honor of turning into a toad twice during the same game. First was Rain of Toads from Harbinger deck - Gladiator rolled a five. Leprechaun a six. Ribbit, ribbit. Leprechaun was in same region and rolleda six for move. Well, at least he was on maximum carrying capacity, and I had had two cursed objects around, so I didn't lose everything. Leprechaun also left Verdant Talisman for me (he wasn't in short supply on Talismans...)

Second time Gladiator was fateless and encountered Puck. Ribbir, ribbit. Leprechaun in same region rolls a six for move, robbing Gladiator again.

Still Gladiator managed to get to twelve Strength points as well as the Immortal destiny. If Gladiator wouldn't have continuously losing turn to toadification and whatnot, game would have been far closer, as Gladiator wasn't able to get the wonders for victory condition with Strength & Craft 1.

Gladiator took a run when game was nearing end - only option was to try to kill Lord of Darkness by eight or more. Four turns in a row Gladiator rolled a six for move. Nice try, but as the game ended immediately when someone reached the Crown of Command, he just wasn't quick enough.

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