Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Exhuming the Truth

Quite a while ago I played this 75 point game of Warmachine.

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
- Malice
- Slayer
- Corruptor
- Deathripper
Bile Thralls (min)
The Withershadow Combine
Mechanithralls (max) + Scarlock Commander
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Darragh Wrathe
Machine Wraith
Warwitch Siren

Opponent had:

Malekus, the Burning Truth
- 2x Reckoner
- Vanquisher
- Revenger
Choir of Menoth (max)
Flame Bringers (max)
Holy Zealots (max) & Monolith Bearer
Vassal of Menoth

Scenario was Entrenched and Cryx started.

I opened up the game by dragging a Reckoner to Malice and then possessing it with Machine Wraith. Reckoner moved to take a shot at a choir boy. And then Corruptor and Warwitch Siren wrecked the Protectorate heavy warjack.

Malekus used his feat next. Opponent didn't want to waste any potential damage by committing to terrible overkill. Corruptor got wrecked easily enough, but knocked down Malice somehow survived with at least cortex still functional. Sure, Malice had Death Ward, but it had to make it through a couple of Reckoner shots and automatically hitting bombs from Holy Zealots.

Malekus had only one focus for damage mitigation. Malice shook itself up. Necrotech repaired it. Maelovus cast Telekinesis on Malice and Tremulus gave Puppet Master.

Scaverous activated and used his feat. He cast Telekinesis on some enemy models to move them out of way of Malice. He also cast Feast of Worms and managed to land it on a proper area where I thought it might be possible to drag Malekus. Ragman put up Death Field. Malice dragged Malekus with harpoon gun and punched the warcaster very dead. I would have had some Bile Thralls to make sure even rude dice wouldn't ruin my perfectly executed assassination - but no purge was needed.

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