Friday, December 30, 2016

The Angel and the Cat

So there was one more two-player occasion with Talisman.

This time we didn't use any "NPC's" and had City and Highlands extra boards. We played on Cataclysm board.

Random ending was Judged by Fate.

Initial characters were the Celestial and Barbarian.

Celestial met the Black Cat early during his journeys. Celestial has Craft value equal to his current fate points. And Black Cat removes all fate plus doesn't allow to replenish or gain fate. I guess cats make angelic beings even more stupid than an average troll. I mean, who could resist those cute fuzzballs?

So, Celestial died. I got Dragon Priestess next.

Dragon Priestess found some sort of prayer book that made stat-upping way too easy. But still Barbarian with head start was a furious contender. He had -2 Strength versus Dragon Priestess, but he was armed with a flail.

Race to the Crown of Command was a tight one. Barbarian was literally just one step behind Dragon Priestess. But then again, random ending turned out to favor Dragon Priestess since she was able to pray for fate points from the temple.

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