Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Thieves' honor

But wait! There's more!

Last weekend there was also time for a four player Talisman.

Since the amount of expansions starts to be overwhelming, we used only some expansions to hopefully cut down the time required to finish the game. Reaper and Werewolf were there, as well as Dungeon and Woodland side boards. Ending was random.

Characters were Elf, Cat Burglar, Spy and Philosopher. No real fighters and no real spellcasters. Interesting.

Strength and Craft ups were tremendously rare in this game. Early game Elf went to the Woodsland, and Cat Burglar had a streak of bad luck. Both characters had their time without fate and only on one life.

Spy and Philosopher seemed to have the strongest starts. At least when it came to survival.

Since it's already been five days since the game, I'll just highlight some moments I still remember. That is, my character (once again) being turned into a toad. Despite having a fate to re-roll the unlucky "1" at Enchantress. Which was my warlock quest, by the way. So all of my stuff fell to City while my new croaky form was teleported to the middle region. Oh joy. I was the Spy.

Philosopher also found it difficult to progress despite having amazing combo with Orb of Knowledge and his own card exchange.

Elf and Cat Burglar had made an amazing comeback and suddenly looked like top two contenders for alternative ending.

Elf got stuck in the Woodlands and Cat Burglar had it all too easy to navigate through Inner Region with Magic Lamp - an item that let's manipulate dice rolls.

Random ending was Thieves Guild, which seemed like pretty bad design to me. I mean, if the one at the crown rolls a 3+, what's to stop him or her getting talismans from other characters? It's next to impossible to get to the crown.

It probably should be so that affected players can choose which items they give.

Yet it was fitting that Cat Burglar won with Thieves Guild.

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