Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Betrayer Hard Mode

Last weekend I didn't only play croquet. Three games of Dead of Winter (in the heat of summer) were played with four players.

Now and then it isn't a bad practice to read the rule book from start to finish. I noticed that the last 20 games of Dead of Winter before these (all games, that is) have been played incorrectly in regards to betrayer condition. I guess the actual rule and the variant rule had an unholy offspring in my mind, when earlier we have been using one betrayer card per player, not per game.

Uh oh.

Well, looks like games with two betrayers aren't going to happen from now on.

Anyway, first game was Raid Party. Police Station and Hospital were eventually picked as our raid targets, but we fooled around for quite a while before realizing there isn't quite enough time for rampaging through that many locations. If it wasn't for the plentiful weapon cache with two tactical rifles early in the game, I don't think we'd have eventually won.

Only one player couldn't achieve personal victory condition.

Second game was Eight weeks of darkness. This one was quite exciting game. First few weeks passed like they were a dream, most of us were probably thinking that can this really be this easy? But after half way the amount of zombies and slowly diminishing location decks escalated the difficulty.

With careful optimization it looked like we'd might be able to finish main objective. But then one player rolled Bitten, which instantly dropped morale to concerning levels, that is 2. Now we'd need a little bit of luck. But we did begin the eight week. Second last player rolled a second Bitten result from the exposure die, and, well. It was quite an anticlimactic ending, to be honest, for an otherwise thrilling game. Morale at 1 was impossible for use to navigate through.

I guess we survived seven weeks and five days, or something.

Last game was Find the Cure mission.

In this game there was one betrayer. Though I had my suspicions at times, I think I wouldn't have voted to exile the betrayer.

Main objective was completed in time, but only one played had also finished secret objective. Surviving for yet one more turn seemed unlikely, so the search for the last medicine was pretty hectic and stressful situation.

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