Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Prequel to Pictureless Tournament

Damn it. The loss of my camera haunts the details of even this one game that was played a few days prior to the Warmachine tournament. At least I wrote up the lists in advance to a draft. So this is rather brief document.

Anyway. This game was a practice game for the tournament.

Lists were:

Mohsar the Desertwalker
- Gorax
- Riphorn Satyr
- Warpwolf Stalker

Druids of Orboros + Overseer
Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Tharn Bloodweavers
Minimum unit of Tharn Ravagers + Chieftain + Shaman
Blackclad Wayfarer
Gallows Grove
Reeve Hunter

Opponent had:

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
- 2x Scythean
- Typhon
- Seraph

Maximum unit of Hex Hunters
Swamp Gobbers
Spawning Vessel
2x Forsaken
Either 2x Spell Martyr & 1 Shepherd
2x Shepherd & 1 Spell Martyr

Scenario was Recon and Circle started game.

I remember Hex Hunters with Chiller ruining my game and dragging one of the Scytheans to die to Riphorn Satyr and a random Ravager.

Game was a tough one, where eventually the legion started gaining upper hand in attrition, though it was very even.

I took my chances at an assassination when Vayl had only one fury point left for transfers and she had already taken some damage. Mohsar teleported close to her and tried to use spray attack, but missed. Unboosted Crevasse hit her, and the damage was enough to kill her. But it was transfered.

Mohsar cast another unboosted Crevasse and hit Vayl. Rolling 11+ on three dice would've won me the game. Rolling 1,1,2 lost me the game.

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