Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Frostgrave campaign game 4

Last Thursday we played a four player game of Frostgrave. Scenario was Total Eclipse from Thaw of the Lich Lord. In the scenario visibility is reduced to just sixteen inches, and only drops from there. Well, technically it starts to rise up again on turn five, but usually game's very much nearing the end by that time.

Pictures are rather poor quality yet again. The first two were so dark I had to lighten them up with a photo editor.

So. Yet again I've placed approximate locations of treasure tokens right into the picture. I can't remember where one token was, but somewhere there on the opposite side of the table between sigilist and summoner.

There were (in my estimation) too many treasure tokens close to the necromancer, so I put most of my aggression in that direction. By far this game saw the most useless imp yet. Jack summoned it and empowered the spell with four health points. Then in the creature phase the imp died right away. In matter of fact the only thing it gave was 1" of additional movement for the warrior who forced combat with it.

I had been planning on taking treasure #0 and #2, plus one from #1, 3 and 4. Treasure number five might also be within realms of possibility.

The treasure #0 disappeared into thin air when a zombie picked it up and necromancer cast Leap on the zombie. Treasure #2 was an easy grab, but after that I didn't know what to do. All three treasures I was considering looked like they'd be hard to get. Random sigilist war hounds and whatnot teased troops that were going to grab #3, and one fast sigilist treasure hunter was already climbing to get #4. Tons of necromancer warriors were there at #2.

So my choices looked like either mass everything I had left to one treasure and get only two fairly certain treasures, or spread my forces all over the place and possibly end up with only one.

But then Jack did what Jack does best.

He went insane.

There at treasure number #1 he blasted two necromancer warriors with an Elemental Ball. This amount of pyrotechnics in the eclipse did not satisfy him - he scored yet another kill the very next turn. Then a thug or something came to punish him in melee, but things ended up Jack bathing in the thug's blood.


Things didn't go too badly on the sigilist side either. One real angry dog bit my marksman down to one hit box remaining, but other than that there wasn't too much aggression. I'm not sure how much my vague promise of not coming to interfere with treasure #4 helped my thug to carry treasure #3. Adon had cast Fleet Feet on the thug, though. Lot's of g's and h's there. Thug, though. Uh... now I digress.

The astonishing performance of my wizard gave me the treasure #1, but somehow I didn't manage to get to treasure token #5. I'm not sure why is that. After all, the only warband members that actually were put down by enemy attacks were both of the war hounds. It's possible my spellcasters and various soldiers were in such a bad shape that I didn't want to risk their deaths.

Apothecary carried off #1 and thug #3. Both got off the board before game ended.

Post-game one of the war hounds had to miss next game. I disbanded it and got a bard instead. There's one sweet Eden miniature clown with a music box...

Jack got an amazing amount of 420 experience points. The scenario had a special condition of giving +50xp for every wizard who are on board during turn 5. This gave Jack five levels. I missed sixty point of experience from our set of house rules. That wouldn't have given me an extra level, but considering I also lost 75xp from earlier game, I have now effectively lost one level to house rules. And I don't regret for a second. Missing one level from a course of four games doesn't seem much, but my wizard has pretty much just been lucky - he isn't geared towards spelly destruction.

A story post that relates to happenings in this game is just below or here.


Jack Saturn is level 13 with 1310 experience.
He has levelled fight by +2 and health by +2.
Fleet Feet spell has been improved by +3, Elemental Ball by +1, Leap by +1, Possess by +1 and Fog by +2.
He has learned the Reveal Secret spell.

Home base is Inn with Sarcophagus of Healing

Vault has Magical two handed weapon (+1 damage modifier) and Sword of Undead Slaying
Grimoire: Poison Dart, Control Construct, Willpower, Furious Quill
Scroll of Planar Tear.
Potions of Invulnerability and Teleport

Total gold that has been collected is 1170, unspent gold is 560.

Warband roster is worth 1190 gold (level 13 apprentice is 330) and includes:
Barbarian (with the two handed weapon from vault)
2x Treasure Hunter
War Hound

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