Sunday, September 13, 2015

Helldiver or helldriver?

Last Wednesday I played a 35 point game of Warmachine.

My list was:

Infernal Machines tier 3
Master Necrotech Mortenebra
- Leviathan
- Reaper
- 3x Helldiver
- Stalker
- Deathripper

2x Warwitch Siren
Bloat Thrall
Necrotech & scrap thrall
Scrap thralls

Opponent was playing:

Warwitch Deneghra
- Defiler
- Nightwretch

Maximum unit of Bane Thralls + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Mechanithralls + 1x Brute Thrall
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Withershadow Combine
Warwitch Siren
Gorman diWulfe
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall

Scenario was Outflank, and Mortenebra started game. First picture seems to be taken from the end of Mortenebra turn 2. Spectral Steel is on Reaper, who has just dragged enemy Defiler to its doom. Reaper alone couldn't destroy the bonejack, so Leviathan advanced and tried to shoot Defiler dead. RAT 5 isn't such a great asset against effective DEF 19, so the shot missed. Luckily it missed Reaper, too. Perhaps playing a bit too risky yet again Mortenebra then advanced and cast Doom Spiral on Defiler. The spell hit home and wrecked its target.

Here I realised that scenario play would be very difficult indeed. I had so few models while opponent had one regenerating unit plus another one that had Stealth and Tough. Nine points on my list weren't even on the table for the most part of the game.

Well. I threw the Scrap Thralls to contest upper zone and forgot to activate Stalker.

Deneghra used her feat on turn 2, but failed to catch Mortenebra under it. Both heavies and the Stalker were Withered, though.

Mechanithralls seized their zone and started scoring control points for Deneghra. A Bane Thrall and a Mechanithrall also charged Reaper, but Bane Thrall missed its attack and Mechanithrall dealt eight or nine points of damage. Damage overall wasn't too bad.

Turn 3 Mortbenebra's forces just tried to thin down some Bane Thralls, and I decided it was worth it to sacrifice one Helldiver to take out the Necrosurgeon. I had also thought that it would also be worth it to knock out Gorman diWulfe with a free charge from Terminal Velocity. Luckily I realised that there were three Iron Liches right next to Gorman - Iron Liches that would turn my Helldiver into a four of five point bonejack for Deneghra. Maybe... just maybe I'll let Gorman live for now.

Before this I had already cast Terminal Velocity, and I hadn't given the other Helldiver any focus that was supposed to kill Necrosurgeon. MAT 6 wasn't enough to score a hit, so Terminal Velocity was kind of a waste for this turn.

Turn 3 Deneghra clears the upper zone of that Faildiver plus Bloat Thrall. Skarlock casts Crippling Grasp on Leviathan, and a Mechanithrall and Brute Thrall charge Reaper. One Mechanithrall also took a swing at my Necrotech, which seemed to be a worse blow than the hits against Reaper. Spectral Steel caused the Helljack to be fully operational next turn, though it had less than 50% of its hit boxes left.

Bane Thrall Officer destroys my Stalker like a boss. DEF 16 wasn't even a challenge. But luckily the grunts of the unit didn't pay attention to the officer's performance, because the meagre Scrap Thrall survived any and all attacks that were made against it. Though when I look at the picture it's quite possible only one Bane Thrall attacked it.

One Stitch Thrall had mistakenly escaped the upper zone, so they weren't controlling the area any more. Deneghra also didn't feel bold enough to just run to the area and leave all the possible attacks undone.

Turn 4 I really wanted to assassinate Deneghra somehow. Both of my helljacks were going to break rather sooner than later, and had the worst things happened the scenario game might have been 0-4 in favor of Deneghra by now.

I got totally fixated on getting Helldivers to Head-Butt Deneghra and then either dragging her with Reaper's Harpoon or just walking up to her and killing her in melee.

Once I had wasted enough time in trying to get a proper angle for Hellidvers against Deneghra, I remembered about Reaper's Sustained Attack. Was that Head-Butt really that necessary with boosts from Terminal Velocity and re-rolls from Mortenebra's feat?

So instead Helldivers just did a couple of attacks just for funsies against Mechanithralls and Gormans and whatever there was blocking the walk to Deneghra. Deryliss cast Overrun on Mortenebra, who then charged the Mechanithrall and the Brute Thrall that had been teasing Reaper. Overrun triggered and Reaper advanced to get a charge off against Deneghra. Terminal Velocity and Recalibration were enough help for Reaper to kill Arm 18 Deneghra in two hits.

I don't know if three helldivers in 35 points is less than optional list construction, but for sure they're fun. And even if I mostly just failed with the Helldivers' target priorities, I think they had much more potential on the tabletop than what I was able to fully abuse.

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